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    12 Jun 2012, 21:21 by DJ-RoseofDeath

  • Emilie Autumn at Baltimore

    18 Oct 2009, 05:02 by o8643

    tl:dr version
    I met some pretty awesome people in lineI got the entire crowd to play Marco Polo with meDuring the show, I was right at the stage surrounded by girls on all sides.Some chick threw her bra onstageEmilie's violin was the best part of the entire night and blew my mind. After the show, we saw a Penn look-alike from Penn and Teller in a black trench coat.A guy at the merch table had at least $200-$300, all in $2 dollar bills.

    *Let me preface this by warning everyone that I have a terrible memory so some segments may be incomplete or incorrect or somethings may be out of order. I apologize. My reactions to the show, however are 100% correct.*

    October 14th my friend Ary and I went to Baltimore for an Emilie Autumn show. Now, I'm by no means a fanboy; there is very little outside Rocky Horror Picture Show that I can get to abandon my composure. EA, though, got damn close. I was quite struck by the entire production so, as an exercise for my writer's muscles, I've decided to document the experience for future memories. …