• so loooooooong 07!! a retrospective on my musical tastes of 2007

    3 Jan 2008, 04:10 by pulloverpanda

    Fare thee well, 2007!! You did me good. How so? Well, lets just look back at some high notes and spine tingling falsetos, shall we?

    (just so you know...this thing is like four pages long, so proceed at own risk of time lose LOL)

    January -

    My introduction to Björk's album Homogenic, an intricate part of my eventual complete immersion into one of my now favorite artists.

    Next came Lisa Loeb's Firecrackers, which sorta ended up staying in my cd player on my commutes to school for like, a month at least.

    Another noteable was Goo. I really hope I don't have to say who put that album out hahaha

    February -

    The STAND OUT star of February, and one of my favorite albums of all time thus far in my life, was, believe it or not, Nelly Furtado's Folklore. I crashed my mom's fucking minivan to Grass Is Greener!! HAHAHA Seriously, it totally fit the fuckin accident, too. Snow everywhere, can't see ten feet ahead, spinning out almost in slow motion... …