• opening gambit

    21 Dec 2005, 19:59 by payload

    well - this looks like a cool thing. In fact, I think it so cool that I have subscribed for 3 months.

    A funny thing - on the offchance I did a search on a band I used to be in and blow me if there were a load of people who were 'fans' on last.fm . Certainly more than we ever got at our gigs all those years ago!

    In case you're interested, the band in question is Electric Sex Circus

    I used to play bass - that's me in the picture on my profile with my head stuck in my amp.

    Other members were:

    Pete Diggens on drums
    Mark Carroll guitar/vox
    Phil Avey guitar

    We split up in 1992 but in 2004 did a one-off gig at the bull and gate in Kentish Town for a laugh....and that it most certainly was.

    Anyway, more later.