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Eisregen is a German, lyrically extreme, dark metal band which was founded in 1994. The members are from Tambach-Dietharz, a village in Thüringen (Thuringia). By using morbid German lyrics unlike those of other bands of this genre, they got the attention of German authorities, causing the banning of three of their albums, one EP and one live-video. The reason given was the lyrics, described as "grausam, menschenverachtend, frauenfeindlich, verrohend und sozial-ethisch desorientierend" (cruel, inhuman, misogynistic, brutalising and socially/ethically desorienting).

Michael Roth (vocals) and Michael Lenz (guitar) have a sideproject "Eisblut". Michael Lenz is also a Member of "Amenthes". Yantit and 2T also have a sideproject called "Transilvanian Beat Club". Yanit has another sideproject called "Ewigheim" with Theresa Trenks and Michael Roth as guests.

Band Members:

* Michael "Blutkehle" Roth (vocals)
* Michael "Bursche" Lenz (guitar)
* Daniel "DF" Fröbing (keyboard)
* Ronny "Yantit" Fimmel (drums)
* Birgit Lages (live bass)

* Sebastian "Berg" Morbach (bass) left the band on the 27th of March, 2005
* 2T, aka Theresa Trenks (violin) left the band in September 2006
* Der Hölzer (bass) from 1999 to 2000
* K. Matthes (bass) from 1997 to 1998
* Jan-Vincent Simmen from Nox Mortis played the keyboards on the Mysterien der Nacht Rehearsal


* Mysterien der Nacht Rehearsal (1995) (Unique item, first Eisregen record ever, self-recorded by M. Roth)
* Promo 96 Demo (1996)
* Das Ende des Weges Demo (1996) (limited on 333 records)
* Fleischhaus Vinyl (1997) (limited on 1000 records)
* Zerfall (1998)
* Krebskolonie (1998) (banned in Germany)
* Leichenlager (2000)
* Fleischfestival EP (2000) (banned in Germany because it contains songs from the "Krebskolonie"-album)
* Farbenfinsternis (2001) (indexed in Germany)
* Lager Leipzig Video (2001) (banned in Germany because it contains songs from the "Krebskolonie"-album)
* Zerfall Re-Release (2004) (Bonus: Das Ende des Weges Demo)
* Wundwasser (2004) (indexed in Germany)
* Hexenhaus EP + DVD (2005)
* Blutbahnen (2007)
* Eine Erhalten MCD (2007)
* Knochenkult (2008)
* Schlangensonne (2010)

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