• Year In Music: 2011

    16 Dec 2011, 05:30 by davygrohl

    Year In Music: 2011

    This year I decided to keep a playlist in iTunes of all the music I added that was released in 2011. By December I had added more than 1300 songs, and I'm sure I forgot to add some music to the list throughout the year. The playlist was part of my attempt to catalog my whole musical experience in 2011, a feat I hope to repeat in subsequent years. I've worked up "Top X" lists for albums, songs, EP's, music videos, and concerts. Basically, I'm writing this more for my amusement and recollection than to actually release a list of what I think was the best music in 2011. I think it's incredibly conceited for any one person to try to catalog every single piece of music in a given year and call it a "Best Of" list. I know there are entire genres of music I dislike, not to mention a decent sized swath of indie music. Therefore, this is simply a list of MY favorite music of 2011. I'll probably end up making some minor adjustments to the list for grammar/forgetting certain things. Enjoy!