• Angra Tour 2010

    15 May 2010, 16:40 by dan_showbiz

    Sexta 14 Mai – Angra Tour 2010
    ok this was an incredible show and my first metal concert. Command6 provided some decent warmup. They were followed by Angra at 0 15 and Edu Falaschi showed us his outstanding vocal range starting with Carry On. After six years of long wait, fans from all over the state were there to witness some breathtaking guitar performance by Loureiro and Bittencourt on major hits like Rebirth, Nova Era, Make Believe and Angels Cry. The ending song was Spread Your Fire, and that was the best in my opinion. The crowd was amazed, and even though the show was a bit short, Angra was worth the wait and Manaus is now expecting Sepultura to come later this year.
  • Music discoveries of April 2010

    4 May 2010, 17:24 by adg211288

    Slightly less discoveries this month due to my having less time to look for new music. During April I have focused less on the metal and have been looking into my other tastes in more depth, in particular my interest in music. So let's start with that.

    The best discovery was Dargaard. The members of this project are involved in metal bands so I will be checking those out in May. It's pretty good ambient/darkwave which I find quite interesting with the mix of female vocals and the occasional male vocals which are more akin to black metal. It's good stuff. I recommend that you start by checking out their albums Eternity Rites and Rise and Fall.

    Also due mentions are Artesia are Aythis. More ambient with female vocals here. It is light and relaxing music. The same may be said for Dark Sanctuary but I haven't listened to them as much as the others. I need to listen to all three more to get into them better.

    The most recent discovery along these lines was Persephone. …
  • Almah to participate in Roça'n'Roll festival (Brazil)

    8 Apr 2010, 23:23 by AlmahRussia

    Edu Falaschi’s Almahis to be back on stage soon. The band has recently confirmed its participation in one of the most important rock festivals in Brazil Roça‘n’Roll in Fazenda Estrela, Minas Gerais. According to the official press-release of the event Almah will play on main festival’s night, June 12.

    Besides Almah the following bands have already been confirmed: Bittencourt Project, Torture Squad, Kamala, Raveland, Hammurabi, Unliver and Mercuryio Projectile. The rest of the participants will be announced very soon.
    Besides musical show, there are many other events in the program of Roça‘n’Roll 2010 such as Air Guitar and Guitar Hero championships, workshops, exhibitions, theatrical performances etc.

    Edu Falaschi commented the participation of Almah in Roça 'n' Roll 2010 (in Portuguese) where he promised that the band will kick ass:
  • ALMAH: confirmado na nova edição do Roça N’ Roll

    8 Apr 2010, 23:20 by AlmahRussia

    A banda Almah, capitaneada pelo Edu Falaschi (Almah, Angra),volta aos palcos e confirma a sua participação na 12ª expedição do Roça ‘n’ Roll festival. Segundo a nota oficial do evento a banda toca na noite principal do festival no dia 12 de junho, na Fazenda Estrela, na zona rural de Varginha, no sul de Minas.

    Edu Falaschi comenta participação do Almah no Roça 'n' Roll 2010 aqui:

    Com a confirmação do Almah, o cast do Roça ‘n’ Roll já conta com oito atrações: Bittencourt Project, Torture Squad, Kamala, Raveland, Hammurabi, Unliver e Mercuryio Projectile. Até o mês de abril, a organização confirma outros grupos para o festival.

    Além do espetáculo musical, o Roça ‘n’ Roll destaca o III Torneio de Truco do Roça, campeonato de Air Guitar e Guitar Hero, workshops, performances teatrais e exposição de arte. …
  • Neverland album with guest participation of Edu Falaschi is out now!

    8 Apr 2010, 23:15 by AlmahRussia

    On 26th of March record label AFM Records released the 2nd studio album of Turkish/Greek symphonic progressive melodic metal band Neverland with the guest appearance of Edu Falaschi.

    NEVERLAND was formed in 2007 as a collaboration between Turkish rock/metal band Dreamtone and Greek singer Iris Mavraki. NEVERLAND's debut album "Reversing Time" was released in 2008 (AFM Records, Germany).

    One of the leading European metal labels AFM Records released both albums of Edu Falaschi's Almah: Almah in 2007 in Europe and Fragile Equality in 2008 in Europe and North America.

    Edu Falaschi participated in the song ASHES TO FALL:

    "Our final song with a guest singing (Edu Falaschi of Angra/Almah). The song is more progressive than many of the essences of this album. It is mid tempo with catchy choruses as well as really cool bass lines. It talks about the wars in Middle East, especially the ones in between Israel and Palestinians. …
  • New official Edu Falaschi Facebook page

    20 Mar 2010, 20:55 by AlmahRussia

    Dear friends! Due to the huge interest to Edu Falaschi’s activities among Facebook users, we are happy to present the new official page of this renowned singer, songwriter, arranger and producer in Facebook.

    Please, don't miss the opportunity to follow all the FREQUENT updates concerning the work of Edu with Angra, Almah, guest appearances, producing et cetera.

    Here you can find various stuff like news, photos, videos, interviews.

    This year is a very important period of Edu's career, the new studio album of Angra is to be released, as well as the debut CDs of STILL ALIVE and ARTEMIS, produced by Falaschi. The page is maintained by Edu. Stay tuned!

    Join and suggest this page to your friends in Facebook.
  • Edu Falaschi and STILL ALIVE have finished the pre-production, to enter the studio…

    20 Mar 2010, 20:52 by AlmahRussia

    Angra/Almah singer Edu Falaschi and Still Alive finished the process of pre-production of the debut album of the band in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Still Alive was established in 2002 and released its first EP in 2006. In 2009 they invited Edu Falaschi to produce their first full-length CD, as-yet-untitled, which is to be released in the second half of 2010. STILL ALIVE is going to enter the studio C4 (São Paulo, Brazil) in April.

    Edu Falaschi came up with comments about finishing the pre-production through Still Alive video stream, check out the video here:

    The new Still Alive album is supposed to present the blend of traditional heavy metal, progressive metal, thrash metal (especially in some guitar riffs), and influences of other styles of music, like jazz, traditional brazilian music and a bit of classical music. The CD will contain 10 tracks including intro. Three compositions will be fast and very heavy songs in the vein of Judas Priest classics but with some new elements…
  • Edu Falaschi about Angra’s European tour cancellation, official statement

    14 Nov 2009, 21:17 by AlmahRussia

    "Hi people, especially my dear Italian and Swiss fans, this is Edu Falaschi, I'm here to tell the truth about the cancellation of the Angra's tour in November! Some motherfucker is telling that I'm with a vocal problem! It's a fucking lie!!! The point is that the promoter who booked the tour doesn't pay the band, don't even buy the flight tickets and don't even sign the contract! Well, with less than a week to the beginning of the tour, this promoter told us that the tour would be cancelled! The band is very sad and still trying to save part of it!!! Thanks for you love and comprehension, we are planning a new album for early 2010 and promise you to make very nice concerts in your countries! Love you all!"

    Edu Falaschi
  • Edu Falaschi to support RAM Institute of Environment Re-education

    2 Oct 2009, 14:44 by AlmahRussia

    Edu Falaschi has recently joined the circle of celebrities who support RAM Institute initiative regarding the environment protection. The problems of the environment occupy one of the top places in the list of so-called global problems and concern every country of the world including Brazil, one of the key territories in relation to the ecology with its Amazon forest, called “lungs of the world”.
    RAM Institute of Environment Re-education is a non-profit organization created with a really ambitious but not impossible aim: to make people change their attitude to the environment problems, to convince them about their direct responsibility for the destruction of the environment where we live, to make them sure that we are able to improve a big part of this reality by changing our attitude to our normal every day activities. It may seem not such a big deal, but when it concerns the way of living, the word "to change" starts to get frightening.
  • EDU FALASCHI apoiando o instituto RAM de Reeducação Ambiental

    2 Oct 2009, 14:42 by AlmahRussia

    O Instituto RAM de Reeducação Ambiental é uma organização do terceiro setor cujo propósito é um tanto ambicioso, mas não impossível: sensibilizar as pessoas a mudar sua postura diante da problemática ambiental; convencê-las de que são responsáveis diretas pela destruição do meio em que vivem e que podem mudar boa parte desta realidade adotando atitudes simples durante suas atividades do dia-a-dia. Parece pouco, mas, na verdade, quando o indivíduo se acostuma a determinado modo de ação, “mudar” se torna uma palavra assustadora.
    A batalha do Instituto RAM de Reeducação Ambiental ganhou recentemente o apoio de Edu Falaschi, vocalista das bandas Angra e Almah, pesadas no som, mas leve na consciência.
    O trabalho do RAM se inicia na Bahia e em algumas cidades do estado de São Paulo, mas o intuito é que as campanhas consigam atingir o território nacional. A grande vantagem deste trabalho é que ele vem ganhando apoio de artistas de renome, para juntos colaborarem para a conscientização da preservação ambiental no país.