• By popular demand: a concert review

    11 Jan 2009, 12:15 by GrantRS

    Sat 10 Jan – Edguy, Andre Matos, H.E.A.T

    Let's do this while it's fresh in my mind then. No idea how this is gonna turn out, I'm just going to start typing and hope it turns out vaguely readable. No pictures though, I know most people on fill their concert reviews with photos, but I don't waste my precious time at gigs by taking photos so this will be a pictureless rambling.

    H.E.A.T had already started by the time I got into the venue. A result of my poor timing of trains, the gigs early start and the venue's inadequacy at actually getting people into the doors. The least rock'n'roll thing about that being that you end up in a queue outside trendy clothes shop 'Next' for maybe ten minutes. The image of mostly long-haired metalheads queuing outside a trendy clothes shop must be entertaining to anyone who just happens to be passing by though.

    Anyway, H.E.A.T I'd never heard of before seeing the bill for this gig. The Swedish band seem quite young, and indeed they only formed as a band in 2007. …