• Song Of The Day - 30th May 2009: Frail Grasp on the Big Picture

    30 May 2009, 22:28 by GrantRS

    Eagles / Frail Grasp on the Big Picture / Long Road Out of Eden (15) / 2007

    Having not done too many journals over the last fortnight, I've got a backlog of recent and new acquisitions I'm eager to talk about. One such acquisition is the Eagles' comeback album from late 2007, which I've only just gotten around to buying. Perhaps a band that sit oddly among my collection (particularly as I have at times gone on record as claiming to hate country music and there's a fair bit of country in the Eagles' sound), I nevertheless loved the album on first listen. I became more critical of it on further listens, however though there's still a good number of tracks on there that I still enjoy very much. The trio of 7+ minute tracks are standouts for me each for different reasons and each immediately different from each other (one of my favourite things about Eagles songs in general), of those three perhaps special mention is merited for Joe Walsh's sole writing credit of the album on Last Good Time in Town which has his stamp all over it and…