• Chaos reigns in HPLHS ID-tagging.

    4 Mar 2007, 23:22 by jPeMelin

    There's total chaos when it comes to tagging recordings from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society (aka HPLHS) and I thought I'd put in a word for conformity, but with some arguments for whichever version might be better. I also wanted to write a journal that would link all the HPL and HPLSH wikis to each other, like an appendix if you like.

    edit: There is also the ambiguity concerning the 60s progressive rockband whose proper name is H.P. Lovecraft and a recent Liverpool rock band called Lovecraft. See commentaries below this journal for details on this matter.

    I also want to stress, that since this journal was written I have been convinced to use punctuation in the american way and I have begun to conform to musicbrainz wayz regaring mainstream artists, where they can sometimes claim some consensus validity. regard my opinions lighter in this matter when reading this old journal.
    My personal standard now is for short to write the full names of authors and classical authors (including some titles, like ". …