• hoolytoledo's - TOP 120 DANCE TRACKS OF 2011 -

    2 Jan 2012, 19:21 by hoolytoledo

  • My Favorite Songs of 2011

    24 Nov 2011, 18:21 by astrolabe1976

    Its Thanksgiving Day, time to reflect back on all our blessings. And for me, to recount the blessings of all the wonderful music that's out there.
    While mostly rooted in electronic music, you'll find a little bit for everyone on here. Leave comments, and tell me your favs! So Lets go!

    GusGus - Over
    GusGus returned to form on this minimal trance anthem. A lament over a love lost and wanting it back. Daniel Agust and Earth's vocals are amazing, lovelorn and pleading.
    (As we wonder why, why we didn't try, we didn't try this time) Over
    (We didn't even try, try to make things right) Make me
    (This time) Over
    Joe Goddard ft Valentina - Gabriel
    One part of Hot Chip, Joe Goddard came out with, imo, the best house single of the year. Some are saying its "adult" or "mature". I just think its Incredible. Its edgy, but accessible. It eschews the usual hedonism of house music vocals for a woman damaged by a careless lover who…
  • Single Review: Duck Sauce, Big Bad Wolf

    28 Oct 2011, 15:31 by astrolabe1976

    I thought Barbra Streisand was ridiculous dance track and couldnt understand its appeal. It was clearly a novelty track. Yes the first 30 seconds are cool, but after that its a monotonous mess.

    It certainly has been a late summer/early fall of forest creatures in dance land, along with The 2 Bears excellent Bear Hug, and now Big Bad Wolf.

    Duck Sauce's follow up, the Big Bad Wolfwas darker, deeper, and a lot more sinister. Yes, it did have a repeated vocal phrase like Barbra Streisand, but it fit the music better giving you flash backs to Loony Toons cartoons and porky pig, but it in a most more demented fashion

    A really great summer dance track has now goes viral with a ridiculous NOT SAFE FOR WORK video

    Lets just say "giving head" takes on an entirely different meaning in this bizarre, silly, and wildly inventive video clip.
    earmuff the kids please

    http://www.beatmyday. …