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    11 Sep 2008, 20:35 by red-green-blue

  • A huge ramble about David Sylvian, who I love and hate

    7 Dec 2006, 06:00 by jetjag

    I can't really think of an artist who impresses me so much, but also annoys me so intensely, as David Sylvian. I've never met anyone who's very interested in him, so I have to get out my giant ramble online. :)

    Basically, I'm really impressed by some of the guy's output, to the extent that I check out any Sylvian-related project as soon as I hear about it, but most often there's something about the music that stops me from buying the thing.

    Maybe getting idealistic about what you want in music is a bit uncool - I feel like I should adopt an "if you like it, it's good" attitude to music listening - but Sylvian's music also represents a large number of things that I really don't like in music - the prosaic, earnest lyrics; the moodiness of it all; the lack of joy (well, fun); few visceral kicks either (whether it be a catchy beat or a blast of noise)... I saw an interview in which he said he's more in touch with his feminine side…