• The Most Melodic Solos/Songs...

    30 Apr 2009, 18:15 by Tharky

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a much more bigger archive now, but I am really too lazy to list all of the good songs in here. So I will no longer continue to add songs in here. Sorry everyone.***

    I choose songs from my archive only. But try them if you like melodic songs. I'm doing this because noone did it before (At least I haven't seen them doing). And here you go, the most melodic songs I have...

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    • Added more songs from my archive. I hardly get free time to update this journal.
    ->•AC/DC (3)
    ->•Arch Enemy (5)
    ->•As I Lay Dying (1)
    ->•Avenged Sevenfold (1 / Added some comments)
    ->•Blind Guardian (2)
    ->•Bon Jovi (2)
    ->•Children Of Bodom (5)
    ->•Dragonforce (1)
    ->•Dragonland (1)
    ->•Dream Evil (1)

    Will continue later...

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    ('"*The Groan of Wind*"')

    Here they are :

    3 Doors Down
    (I know... But still it is melodic.)
    Here Without You
  • Great Bands

    1 Mar 2006, 23:27 by lordspriggan

    ~Senses Fail
    I have loved this band for a long time now. Their first EP was amazing!!!! Their full length wasnt as good, but was still a great CD.
    Just discovered this band recently, most of their songs are ok, but they have 2 songs that I cannot stop listening to Starfall, andAs Madness Took Me
    ~He Is Legend
    Really good // band. Their CD is amazing, not just all screaming and noise, a good variety of material in the whole CD.
    ~Fear Factory
    A great / band. Been listening to them since Digimortal came out. Havent had enough since.
    Usually I listen to crazy stuff, but once in a while i need a little relaxation, and this is what i listen to. Both CDs are excellent. My Fav songs are DARE, and Slow Country.
    One of my fav. / bands. Saw them live once and they blew me away. Even with the new singer the old stuff sounds the same and the new is great too!
    ~As I Lay Dying