• New Year's Eve Mix

    3 Jan 2010, 03:12 by Anarkhan

    Here we go for 2010 : a fully edited 25-tracks new year's eve mix for post-celebrating the decade.Including some of the best abstract-hip-hop/downtempo tracks that i love from those past ten years towards the first 45'mn part.Followed up by some new disco sounds,mixed with actual techno/house and ending with fat-ass elecro rock.So basically you can lean on your most comfortable couch enjoying Peace Orchestra, then stand up and start moving your feets on Lifelike to finally drink on the dance floor completely naked shouting 'White Unicorn' lyrics all over the place...Maybe you won't but there is room for everybody in this.
    So Enjoy!


    Tracklist :

    Anarkhan - Intro/We Have To Go Back
    A Guy Called Gerald - Humanity
    The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite
    Peace Orchestra - Who Am I
    Plaid - Dead Sea
    Death in Vegas - Remasterialised
    DJ Cam - Suckers Never Play That
    Death in Vegas - Remasterialised
    Portishead - Only You