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    9 May 2009, 11:03 by dperic

    Diverzija - bloodied but unbowed

    New release from the young melodic HC band from Osijek called ”Bloodied but unbowed” is let’s say, a surprise. It is different genre if we compare it to first album ”Days of our lives” which is totally melocaliflorida(this is one word:)) garbage. The new album has turned to more HC-like sound. On the other hand if we take a look on the CD cover and their Myspace design we see that melocaliflorida style didn’t go far away. Talking to other people I found out that they think ”Diverzija” is not nothing else but a copy of their neighbour band ”Fat prezident”. I’m not going to write about them in that sence, because I think every band has it’s influences and it is positive to look up to older and better then you. Anyhow, about the album, it has eleven, fast, sharp sounding songs which easily hold on to your ear. I once said that a good album is one on which you dont have to skip any tracks, well, I’m listening ”Bloodied but unbowed” for like a week and i didn’t skip a song. …