• Setting Sail

    11 Aug 2007, 06:40 by BodieM

    Setting Sail
    CD Review

    Tokyo This track sounds like a bit of a meld between electronica and guitar. Though fast at times it is strangely somewhat relaxing. It's true, it had to grow on me a bit, but I'm still a bit turned off by the airport sound effects. 3.5/5

    Running to Stand Still True, this is an improvement for me over the original. But I'm not really in love with his voice and the chord progression remains essentially unchanged. I'm still not quite sold on this song. 3/5

    Rodeo Clowns I like this version better than the original. The song remains catchy but with that distinct G. Love flavor. I especially like this version for the plucky guitar in the middle. 4/5

    Welcome to Jamrock At the core of any reggae, or hip hop song too, is the beat. Damian is on point here with this one. The vocals complement it well. Toss in a decent hook and some pop culture references and you've got a hit in my book. 5/5