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The name Disinfonation, is a combination of the words "Disinformation" (the deliberate dissemination of false information; ie, propaganda) and the word "nation" meaning a collective of people. In other words, Disinfonation is a project against the propaganda that has been gratuitously forced down our throats for generations. JFK? agent orange? religion? The constant drive for war? All relevent topics for the music and spiel of the group.
Disinfonation is an experimental project in the United kingdom music scene combining traditional rock / metal elements (such as drums and crashing guitars) with more experimental and modern techniques such as sampling, synthesis, and live effects processing. The music is based upon a combination of personal experiences and the subsequent impact on the way in which a belief structure develops; in fact, a large portion of the music (and lyrics) are directly influenced by material that appear in the essays of Kurtis Thorne.

The projects line up consists (as will always be the case) of one man; known only as Kurtis Thorne. The project was started as a method of fulfilling the need for creating a highly personal brand of music; However, the other bands involved with at the time (Lucys Drowning, Far From Silence) were of a more traditional style, and as such were inefficient for the process. The music takes the word "independent" far away from the now cliché meaning it has undertaken. In this case it stands to mean; quite literally, that every aspect of the ideas and production process is undertaken by Kurtis Thorne. This leads (in his own words) to "a far deeper glimpse into how my mind functions, albeit a disturbing and eclectic place to be".

Once written; the music is translated into a live format to be performed with the help of a live band. This was taken as a necessary requirement because; quite simply, "it would be boring to watch one man playing a keyboard! Set on a constant process of recording / performing, the Disinfonation project is highly involved via an on-line presence; check this space for all updates relating to the music / live / and conceptual aspects of the cult of Kurtis Thorne!

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