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They first began to corrupt the moral majority in 1994, with a demo tape produced by Jorge Reboredo (Why Not?): a collection of obscenities with titles as "Vagina elйctrica" ("Electric vagina"), "Te voy a incinerar" ("I'm gonna incinerate you"), "Enamorado de Victoria Abril" ("In love with Victoria Abril") or "Zoofilia" ("Zoophylia"). The tape proved that, in addition to write the funniest, filthiest porn lyrics you could find, the Dionisos were able to perform hyperfast, melodic songs. When we at No Tomorrow first listened to it, we were hooked: in a few months, we published their first split single with Why Not?, where the Discнpulos offered a song from that demo and a brand new number.

Later in 1996, after some months of scandalous performances and lots of work in the rehearsing room, Discнpulos' first full-length work "Adictos al Porno Guarro". made its appeareance. Behind a most -and we mean MOST- explicit cover, and in less than half an hour, the record hides 18 songs that shape one of the freshest and at the same time most solid debuts of the last years, featuring full-speed, blazing guitars and their trademark side-splitting lyrics ("Garganta Profunda" ("Deep Throat"), "Tiempos de lujuria" ("Lust Times), "Playa nudista" ("Nude Beach"), with Jorge Reboredo producing again. As the LP ends, you feel the compulsion to play it once more.

DDD's immediate plans are the transmission of their devilish message to the youth of this world, performing non-stop in as many places as they can, and scattering scandal wherever they go. For starters, the less comercial and most risky radio stations are programming this wild first record with unusual inferences: these ultrafast distorted chords and verbal atrocities hide hypnotic melodies that push teenagers that listen to them towards lust and depravation (and we are not talking trip hop here, this is GG Allin sending his filth from Beyond). Their discography has seen the release of an Angry Samoans tribute by Punch Records, a record label from Madrid, and they have played even on national TV. No one will be able to ignore the new phenomenon of porno-punk. You have been warned: keep an eye on your younger child, soon he (or she) could be among their ranks.

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