• Holydays getting nearer/Les vacances arrivent.

    3 Jun 2007, 23:09 by lau1

    First time off since christmas if you except the sick leave (THAT WAS NO FUN AT ALL)./ J'atendais depuis Noel si on ne compte pas les arrets Maladie (QUI N'ETAIENT PAS DRÔLES DU TOUT).

    Going back to France I'll cast my vote but I don't think it's going to make much of a difference. The Whole press is Backing the Ugly Dwarf. And it feels Like half the country is brainwashed. A bit like Ireland Every one knows the infrastructure is crap, the Hospitals are dreadfull and run down their staff overworked so What do you do. Well Easy you get the same useless bunch back on the driving seat to see if another 5 years will get the stuff they could not manage to do in 10 done. /
    Je retourne en France, J'en Profiterai pour Voter mais je ne pense pas que celà fasse la différence. Toute la presse semble supporter L'Horrible Nain. C'est comme ci la moitié du pays avait eu un lavage de cerveau. Un Peu comme en Irlande tout le monde sait que l'ifrastructure du pays est insuffisante, Les Hopitaux sont terribles et décrépits…