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DETROX is a japanese rock band formed by Hideki (ex-Siam Shade) in 2007.
The band originally consisted of 3 members. However MJ NAGAI, who was the engeneer of the band left them in December 2008.
For the time being DETROX' bandmembers are Hideki as vocal and K-A-Z (SADS) as guitar.
Since K-A-Z was formerly also a support guitarist at Hideki's Solo project "未来(HIDEKI)", it's safe to assume that this is the reason why they decided to form this band together.

DETROX' music genre can be classified as Hard rock, Heavy Metal but also Progressive Rock.
While the stanzas are usually sung and played in a quite agressive way, the refrains appear melodic which builds up a nice balanced out contrast.

So far they released 3 Albums,1 Minialbum (THE END) and 3 singles.


THE END (2007.08.01)
* Was released in 3 different versions (1. version: completely sung in English/ 2. version: completely sung in Japanese / 3. version: instrumental (2008))
1. muddy
2. dark and light
3. ride an angel
4. into power
5. inspired
6. black box

detrox2 ~undergrounder~ (2007.11.11)
* contains 2 cds with the tracks sung in English and also in Japanese on each CD
1. undergrounder
2. The Unexpected
3. Twilight
4. Chain Reaction
5. Shun-Kan
6. Wash Away
7. One Big Blunder
8. Live in Lie
9. Bitter Pill
10. Thrash
11. Rattle Your Cage
12. Let our souls survive

DETROX3 (2008.08.03)
1. No Mercy
2. lonely
3. Long way round
4. neo sophia
5. Rolia
6. Kill the Light
7. Stand my ground
8. Insomnia
9. Black -ened 倫理-
10. Pave the way

DETROX IV (2010.03.24)
1. Hypnotize
2. Out of the Shell
3. 1-4-0
4. Hooligan
5. Music
6. No God to Beg
7. Death-Tech
8. Flashback
9. Stand in my way
10. Seize my life
11. Fight 'til the Death


Rolia (2008.1.21)
* DETROX first single
* Only sold on the official website
1. Rolia
2. Stand My Ground

Long Way Round (2008.6.11)
* Double single release
* first appearance on rank 4 of the Oricon Indie charts
1. Long Way Round
2. Kill the Light

lonely (2008.6.11)
* 2nd single of the double release
* first appearance on rank 3 of the Oricon Indie charts
1. lonely
2. neo sophia

DETROX official website
Hideki's official Blog (not for personal purpose any longer. Personal stuff is written in the fanclubmembers only blog "HIDEKI's VOICE")
K-A-Z official website

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