• Integrated music of composer Vladimír Hirsch

    7 Jun 2007, 08:58 by JanBlanicky

    Vladimír Hirsch is Czech composer of new forms of , and music. His work is represented not only solo projects - he is founder and leader of ensembles of progressive orchestral industrial and dark-ambient music Aghiatrias, Skrol and Zygote (CZ).

    Vladimír Hirsch has been composing since 1972. Soon, he takes up experimental rock () and jazz music up to 1986. He was active in several formations (above all in post-punk and dark-core band Der Marabu). In 1987 he decided to focus on classical musical form as well, nevertheless with an attempt to enhance the action potential by modern means of expression and by searching for specific processes. He attempts to resume the tradition of 20th century Czech music and draws inspiration from first Leoš Janáček, later also Miloslav Kabeláč, but eventually attains his own clear-cut position both in tone creative principles as in composition style and opinion on orchestration and the role of not quite musical components in it. …