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Der Heidi ist Lieb! is a project run by IgNor Beam, which has been releasing music from let's say from the year 2000.. It is mostly ironically colored techno-house-ambient industrial music.

Der Heidi ist Lieb! is started after the Zuzen Live event, or known as the Munich event. A last live event by Neo Realism (See Neo Realism live on stage), which was followed by some live recordings together with Talina, the mistress that joined the live event at the Cave in Germany. She and her boyfriend Sven were looking for some audio recordings as background sounds& music for their porn productions, which were very related to SM, bondage and humiliation. This went to nothing, however some releases about that have been done as the Zuzenhausen releases part Three. (not available any more)

It has been a personal hard job for me to get a new style after the Neo Realism period, and to be honest, it never worked out. I have done some re mixing on the Electric Newspaper project by Psychic Tv. These are available on the releases by Der Heidi ist Lieb!

At the end and looking back I can conclude that it might have been better only to be Neo Realism, for it is Neo Realism that is closed to the heart. Several recordings done by Der Heidi ist Lieb! were presented as a Der heidi ist Lieb! feat Neo Realism release. Some of the releases were released as: Neo Realism feat Der Heidi ist Lieb!

The music of Der Heidi ist Lieb! is mostly programmed music with the application from Steinberg which is called Reason, which is a common application, mainly fit for the creation of a quick dance track. Speed is mostly set on 120 till 128 beats a minute. faster then that I have tried, specially for the trance-like tracks, but never resulted in any acceptable peace of music.

I cannot say so far that Der Heidi ist Lieb! has grown on itself, and for now at the start of 2008 I must conclude that it appears to be another death born child. Some of the material is available as release. And surely getting ourselves on stage coming years will lead to some new chances for Der Heidi ist Lieb!. One of the projects that were started by Der Heidi ist Lieb! is called Pornographic Illusions, which will be worked on in silence, and who knows, might appear on stage in clubs or dance events.

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