• 102 top of dziobaseczek - 18 may 2011

    18 May 2011, 19:01 by dziobaseczek

    Na szczycie kawałek, który na szczycie musiał się znaleźć. Jak dla mnie to piosenka idealna, wszystko tu jest perfekcyjne i wspaniałe. Cudowna melodia, świetne brzmienie, znakomity teledysk, genialny klimat, lekki matowy, spokojny głos, niezły tekst. Po prostu ideał. Brawo.
    Dalej znakomity gitarowy hit Five O'Clock Heroes - dawno nie słyszałem tak fajnej gitarowej piosenki, prostej ale znakomitej. Podium zamyka bajecznie piękny California Wive.
    Wśród nowości jest znany doskonale folk-rockowy Deerhunter i Lukestar, skoczny i melodyjny Jukebox The Ghost, majestatycznie brzmiący, jak zwykle z nieco tanecznym nerwem Junior Boys - ciekawostka - utwór trwa ponad 9 minut, to rzadkość na liście dziobaseczka. Dalej podobny Hercules And Love Affair - piosenka, gdzie łączy się wiele światów muzycznych, gdzie disco łączy się z symfonicznym brzmieniem skrzypiec i fletu. Bajka. Są rockowe, proste Alpha Academy i pełne artrockowego przepychu Sleep Parade, przepiękna pieśń, fantastycznie zaśpiewana. …
  • Most Played Albums of 2010

    11 Jan 2011, 02:57 by pecusita

    Let's be honest here, 2011 has had a really terrible start. From animals dying mysteriously all over the place to a politician getting shot over the weekend. What the hell 2011?! Why won't you let us recover mentally from beating ourselves up about all those unresolved resolutions we made in 2009 and completely forgot about until it was November 2010? It's like we are moving in slow motion through a montage of an end-of-humanity disaster movie. We still have 710 days to go for that, so let's relax for a moment here and talk about something incredibly mundane like my music stats.

    Ever since I joined, I've kept an end of the year journal highlighting my most played music. I thought about combining everything in one single entry, from albums, songs, EPs and concerts to 2009's lost albums, but it seemed too long. So, this is a look back at the full albums, to start things off.

    Looking back at 2010 I will say that it was a very pop oriented year for my ears. …
  • TOP 30 ALBUMS OF 2010

    23 Dec 2010, 20:31 by Confessions87

    2010 has been the best year for music for a long time. I remember 2007 and 2008 being particularly great, too, but I wasn't expecting this year to be so good. This list was incredibly hard to compile and has probably been thought about way too much over the past month. Even the albums that don't make the top ten have all been so thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, so if your favourite seems quite low, it's only because the standard was so frickin' high all round. There's all the usual suspects featured here and a few others. My top three are almost too difficult to separate (they are all equally my top album of the year), yet this list demands a distinct order and a distinct order is what it will have.

    I'll begin with a few albums that didn't quite make the mark.

    Vampire Weekend / Contra
    The biggest disappointment of the year, along with the album directly below.

    M.I.A. / MAYA
    What happened?

    Best Coast / Crazy for You
    Probably the single most obvious example on this list of an album that is as catchy as it is annoying. …
  • Album Review: Deerhunter - "Halcyon Digest"

    17 Oct 2010, 21:14 by Quartertonality

    (Originally posted to my blog at

    Deerhunter truly lives up to the hype with their much anticipated “Halcyon Digest”. This latest release takes a sharp left turn from previous work, like the album oriented “Cryptograms”. Where that album relied much more heavily on ambiance, spacious sounds and atmospheres, “Halcyon Digest” stands as more of a collection of songs with great hooks and flat-out catchy tunes with classic songwriting rather than an album length experiment. This is an album of much more palatable music that is less confrontational in its sound than their previous work.

    This time around the band is clearly influenced by the sounds of groups from the 60′s. There are obvious nods to groups like The Kinks in some of the more up-tempo, driving songs like “Memory Boy”. In that way they have taken the same route as MGMT, turning to the sound of their influences, worn proudly on their sleeves…
  • radiated sounds - 10/12/2010 playlist

    13 Oct 2010, 16:52 by inparentheses

  • Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest (4AD)

    8 Oct 2010, 18:18 by Under_Radar_Mag

  • 2010: My Top Beats of the Year.

    5 Oct 2010, 02:31 by nagerpop

    The year is nearly at an end again. For me, this year I haven't really listened to much new music so of course the selections this year have been slightly easier than what I usually consider. I have of course haven't had the chance to listen to some notable albums this year - Kanye West, The Walkmen, Gorillaz, Interpol, No Age and more that I haven't stated....

    But the following five are definitely up there (The selections from 2 -5 are not final):


    1. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
    2. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today
    3. Four Tet - There Is Love in You
    4. Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
    5. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker

    Deerhunter won this outright purely on 2 important creative merits. One of them was the use of viral marketing by getting their fans to print flyers made by DH from the Halcyon Digest website and sticking them out on the streets to promote the album. The concept of the album, I find is highly original by taking the idea of using stories from a digest and digressing those ideas into balanced…
  • Review: Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

    29 Sep 2010, 20:57 by dejaser

    Since their breakthrough with 2007's Cryptograms, Deerhunter's subsequent musical trajectory has been one of natural and seamless progression. 2008's Microcastle, and the EPs that fell either side, each seemed to pick up where the last release left off, slowly evolving the band's sound from dissonant krautrock and ambient soundscapes to lusher, more melodic pastures. Halcyon Digest, not surprisingly, continues their evolution, with the band's most textured effort yet.

    There's much about Halcyon Digest that recalls Deerhunter's recent work - the strutting rhythms, Bradford Cox's drowsy vocals - but it's like the band have submerged their sound underwater. Opening track Earthquake and Helicopter are layered in dreamy textures, autoharp and sloshing sound loops. The slow and gentle drift of Sailing effectively mimics its tale of being lost alone at sea, and the album as a whole seems to ebb and flow, with the hazier likes of Sailing and Basement Scene placed alongside the much more vibrant Revival and Memory Boy.