• Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

    16 May 2009, 11:35 by fmera
    The Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance is the latest in a series of awards recognizing superior vocal performance by a female in the pop category, the first of which was presented in 1959. The award goes to the artist. The awards have had quite a convoluted history, particularly during the early Grammy years, having seen several name changes:

    • 1959-1960: Best Vocal Performance, Female
    • 1961: Best Vocal Performance Single Record or Track, Female and Best Vocal Performance Album, Female
    • 1962-1963: Best Solo Vocal Performance, Female
    • 1964-1968: Best Vocal Performance, Female
    • 1966: Best Contemporary (R&R) Vocal Performance - Female
    • 1967: Grammy Award for Best Contemporary (R&R) Solo Vocal Performance - Male or Female
      (the award went to Paul McCartney for Eleanor Rigby)
    • 1968: Best Contemporary Female Solo Vocal Performance
  • A Public Apology

    20 Aug 2006, 23:59 by IMTrick

    I've been watching the events going on in the world recently, and it's occurred to me that a lot of the world's problems could be lessened if people were a little more willing to apologize. Can you imagine how much less the world would look at the U.S. as a country full of brainless, violent fuckwads if George W. Bush would just get on the mike and say "Hey, world, I fucked up. Coulda sworn there were W.M.D.'s. I thought Saddam was gonna bomb us any minute. I coulda sworn he was hangin' out with Osama, but boy, did I get that wrong. I sure am sorry." I know it wouldn't fix all the world's problems, but it couldn't hurt.

    That's just recent history. Over the years, we Americans have done a whole lot that nobody's ever apologized for, when someone surely should have. In the interest of harmony, brotherhood, and world peace, I'm willing to step up and do that job for my fellow Americans.

    I apologize for disco. Not all disco, mind you. …
  • And now, your award/punishment

    23 Aug 2005, 12:47 by Pirate45

    Is winning the "Best New Artist" Grammy award the kiss of death or nothing more than a popularity contest taken on the spur of the moment to define fifteen milliseconds of fame?

    You be the judge - and remember, those great musicians, Milli Vanilli, won this award in 1989.

    Starting in 1969, Crosby, Stills & Nash were deserving winners. Certainly a band that cannot be judged only by their nine hits, this band defined the late 60's and early 70's.

    Love 'em or hate 'em, in 1970 the Carpenters were the winners. Of course the Carpenter's soft and soupy sound has fallen out of favor with today's listener, but you can't argue with success - 20 Top-40 hits, three songs at #1, and eight more that peaked in the top five positions.

    1971's winner was Carly Simon. Her first few tunes were very mundane but she certainly went on to a respectable career, hitting #1 once in 1972 for 3 weeks.

    Another good and deserving winner was the band America in 1972. America is another band that defines 1970's music. …