• Hampshire Jams Again

    3 Nov 2009, 20:27 by ChiisaiTotoro

    Sat 31 Oct – Hampshire Jam 8

    Well what can I say about the 8th Hampshire Jam!

    Musiczeit did a superb job in taking over the reins from Steve Jenkins.

    The day kicked off with Airsculpture They set the tone for the rest of the event. Starting off with a measured sound typical of their usual work they built to a frenzied finale that nearly literally shook the hall down.

    Is it the event or is it the mix of audience or the history of Hampshire Jam that seems to bring out the competitive spirit in the groups with each trying to out do each other for great music.

    Next up were Radio Massacre International who forte is pure improvised sessions. Now with a second soloist Martin Archer on a variety of wind instruments, to compliment Gary Houghton The result was electrifying as they both worked with and yet tried to out do each other at the same time to give a outstanding performance that further weakened the halls foundations.

    With the bar being moved up after each group.

  • AD:2009 Electronic Music Festival - A Review

    6 Sep 2009, 17:04 by ChiisaiTotoro

    Sat 5 Sep – AD:2009 Electronic Music Festival

    The Festival was hosted by Ashley Frankin (the presenter of Soundscapes on Radio Derby during the 1990's and now presents 'Solid Air' on ARFM) and was divided into 3 parts:-

    Part 1 was Code Indigo unfortunately the time just flew by as David Wright, Nigel Turner-Heffer, Neil Fellowes, & Andy Lobban gave a brimming live performance of tracks from Timecode, CHILL, For Whom the Bell & their live album from the last time they played in Derby Blue. Even when one David's synthesizers decided not to play ball, they over came with panache, style and a laugh.

    Part 2 again time evaporated as Ron Boots & Friends in this case his friends were Guitarist Frank Dorittke better known as F.D. Project & Drummer Harold van der Heijden gave a brilliant medley of tracks reflecting the full breadth of both artists F.D. Project & Ron Boots extensive collection of music.

    The final part was David Wright…
  • Мой топ 10 (электронная музыка)

    2 Mar 2009, 18:33 by AmbientLover

    1. Thom Brennan - весь. Непередаваемое блаженство. Thom Brennan'у в создании "наркотически опьяняющего эмбиэнта" удалось достичь полного совершенства.
    2. David Wright - Continuum с одноимённого альбома. David Wright, миленький, создай ещё что-нибудь такое же прекрасное. Ты же можешь!
    3. Bernd Kistenmacher - Ruckkehr von Fernen Zielen с альбома Outlines. Она затрагивает во мне какие-то струны души, поэтому я могу ее слушать бесконечно.
    4. Андрей Климковский - На грани сна (Часть 1). Да-да. За тот самый наркотически опьяняющий эмбиэнт (Отсюда).
    5. Arno - Winter Sunset и Seagull's Flight. Великолепный и фантастически проникновенный мистер Арно. © Мартин Ландерс. Именно так!
    6. Jonn Serrie - On a Frontier of Fables. Я её однажды послушала в лесу. Бесподобное восприятие, совсем не такое как дома.
    7. Gas - Microscopic
    8 Tangerine Dream - Song Of The Whale с альбома Underwater Sunlight. С этого альбома началось моё долгое путешествие в мир электронной музыки. …
  • David Wright - New Instrumental Music Release "Dreams And Distant Moonlight"

    26 Nov 2008, 00:26 by musicdish

    David Wright continues to produce instrumental music of the highest standard and this epic new dreamy program of music is his most impressive creation yet. Fifteen interlinked tracks spanning a colossal 77 minutes that is stylistically a cross between his 2002 classic "Walking With Ghosts" and the 2004 opus "Continuum". The music is varied and laced with superb Pink Floyd style lead guitar, bass guitar and occasional vocal textures that will no doubt draw comparison with David's electronic rock band Code Indigo. However, this is a very definite David Wright album - high class melodic electronic music that is rhythmic and flowing. There is some gorgeous music here; wonderful piano on tracks like "Dreams", trademark solos and imaginative sequencing on the tracks "Just an Illusion" and "State of Confusion”, while David's string arrangements have never been more inspired on "Cry to the Moon" and "The Canyon. …
  • AD Music Free Music

    11 Nov 2008, 22:23 by DamaskRose

    The AD Music label, known for quality melodic electronic music artists like David Wright and Robert Fox, is generously offering many free MP3s from their catalogue, including unreleased tracks. They will be updating the section with new stuff, so be sure to check it out once in a while.

    Click here to go to the page