• the man and the music - dave reilly

    13 Mar 2007, 12:22 by methadont

    friend or foe, david and i had some sort of impenetrable bond, even now, nearly a year and a half after his passing. dave and i shared girlfriends, guitars, synths, drugs, dwellings, vacations, fists, hugs, you name it. we spent a total of 29 days together throughout our nearly 10 year relationship. a few years before his death, in 2002, a girl got in the middle of us, and as many of you know, dave was suffering from a serious addiction to heroin and methadone. if you know anything about these drugs and the long-term effects they have on the human body, you should know that opiates, once they are abused for a long period of time, make the user EXTREMELY paranoid and delusional. anyway, this girl meant alot to me, and fooled david into believing he meant alot to her, when in fact, she was using him and his heart to strike back at me for typical relationship problems. david didnt realize that she was my ex because whenever dave and i spent time together, she wasnt a part of the equation. …