• intro to french pop 101

    30 Jan 2006, 04:25 by michael_n

    (posted in another "group" and reposted here for posterity):
    For a nice French-language pop sampler, I'd recommend the various-artist compilation "Le Pop" (this link might / might not work: [album]Le Pop[/album] ). It has a kinda indie / alternative feel (since it is in a "foreign" language, for non-native speakers of French), and at least it isn't just a french-language version of the current Britney or whatever flav o' the day (which there's no shortage of in any language - French, English, Italian, German -- well, ok, German has its own odd "pop" sensibility, mixing 1 part pop, 1 part "Schlager" (pop-folk), and 2 (many) parts Du, but that's a topic for another forum).

    The album is, more or less, "die chansons der nouvelle scène française" (that's the German/French title - I picked up the CD in Germany) - das heist: songs of the "new french scene". Unfortunately, other than music streamed via last. …