• David Bowie / Earthling

    7 Sep 2007, 01:39 by kungfulasers

    An album that can take you to a higher dimension without necessarily needing any sort of substances is worth its weight in gold to me. I originally came across Earthling five years after its release, wandering round in a music shop for something new to put in my CD player. I recalled hearing Little Wonder on BBC America, on one of Bowie's live sessions. Little did I know that this album would have so much more to blow me away.

    Other than the aforementioned, my favourite tracks are as follows:

    Looking For Satellites. I was heavily into philosophy upon hearing this for the first time. It made me feel as though I was floating on thin air. That feeling has never left me.

    Battle for Britain (The Letter). I'll admit, I don't focus too much on the lyrics on this one. I don't really need to. The mix of instruments used here are incredible. Odd too, but I'd expect nothing less.

    Telling Lies. Terribly underrated and quite lovely.

    Dead Man Walking. …