• solipsistic NATION No. 165: Geas

    30 Oct 2009, 07:28 by solipsisticast


    When I put together the mix for last week's show I realized that I had over two hours worth of music. I decided to break that mix up into two shows.

    Last week's show was dark and concussive and featured the likes of Hindu Pez and King Cannibal. This week's show is dark and... atmospheric. Which makes it perfect for Halloween. In fact, you might want to play today's show while kids come to your house to trick or treat.

    Everyone has a Halloween memory so let me share one of mine.

    Back when I was a kid I worked at a novelty store called Jack 'N' Jill's Joke Shop in Boston. We sold your usual assortment of hand buzzers and fake dog crap but we made our nut during Halloween. All through the month of October we sold Halloween supplies ranging from fake blood to high-end items like latex masks. Each day was busier than the last and culminated in a shopping frenzy on the 31st with customers lined up outside our door.