• Paul Loraine - Move Closer / Secret Society - New to VVWI!

    20 Apr 2010, 09:13 by ChrisDiz


    1. Move Closer
    2. Secret Society


    VVWI returns to a much more familiar and darker landscape with these two murky subterranean creatures from the talented sonic pen of Paul Loraine. Already an established name and a very versatile artist, it became clear that Paul could deliver something dark and persuasive in the mold of VVWI's original sound. A lights-off, emotional and always epic groove originated from the sounds of Richard Seeley, Spektre and Tim Sheridan that characterised our original manifesto. It's time to return to that form we feel.

    Move Closer has classic potential we shall hazard to say. Like the very best of music it establishes a very definite mood and manages to be (dare we say it?) sexy (we dared!) while maintaining a rolling funk that nods the head and rules the trouser. Egad.

    Secret Society is the impossibly deeper illegitimate heir to "Move Closer" that was bricked up in the attic for fear of bringing shame upon it's lovely sister. …