• Break me, shake me, hate me, take me over. (Savage Garden)

    21 Apr 2006, 17:43 by huddyhippo

    The rediscovery of an old musical love is always good.

    I feel like I'm twelve again - Savage Garden are the shit, yo.

    I don't even think I could choose a favourite track from 'Affirmation' or 'Savage Garden' because they're nicely solid (awesome) pop albums.

    But I'll go for:

    Savage Garden
    To The Moon & Back
    Break Me Shake Me
    Truly, Madly, Deeply
    Santa Monica

    Crash & Burn
    Two Beds & A Coffee Machine
    Lover After Me
    I Don't Know You Anymore

    Eee. I feel positively giddy.

    // Darren Hayes, Daniel Jones
  • Savage Garden, Nottingham Arena, 29/11/2000

    26 Aug 2005, 23:17 by unevendays

    Wed 29 Nov – Savage Garden

    Savage Garden, Affirmation Tour, Nottingham Arena

    Affirmation (Savage Garden's second album) had only been out for a matter of months. I was in the height of my obsession with them (and I do still like them a lot), and was utterly thrilled to be going to a concert. It was the first "proper" rock concert I'd been to, and it was utterly incredible.

    When we arrived at the Arena, we wandered around a little and found ourselves at the merch stall (I got a programme and a t-shirt). After we'd spent all our money, we toddled into the arena and found our seats. We were sitting at the back on tiered seats, so although we were quite a way away, we had a pretty decent view.

    The support act came on at about quarter to eight. They were a Danish girl group called Soap and were on for about 20 minutes. They weren't great (their first song being 'soap is in the air'!), but weren't bad. There was then a brief break when their props were taken off and the Savage Garden setup was put on.