• Ain't Dyin' In My Sleep

    21 Jun 2012, 22:13 by wink5512

    Hey, Dance Hall Pimps fans! Get excited because we’re giving away a free song! Our song, Ain’t Dyin’ In My Sleep, was recorded LIVE at DiPiazza’s in Long Beach on March 21, 2012 http://dipiazzas.com/.

    A little description about the song if you’ve never heard it: “With this rousing neo-soul track that is both in your face and uplifting, Dance Hall Pimps evolve beyond the playful and sometimes blistering darkness of their debut album, Beast for Love. Ain’t Dyin’ In My Sleep expresses the band’s unyielding commitment to keep moving forward and is their tribute to the loved ones, friends, and fans who support them.”

    AND we have even more good news! Along with this free song, we’d also like to announce another upcoming show at DiPiazza’s on July 7th at 10pm. http://dancehallpimps.com/2012/06/upcoming-dipiazzas-long-beach/

    Below is how you’ll get your free copy of our song Ain’t Dyin’ In My Sleep. Cheers!


    Dance Hall Pimps
  • New album review for Beast For Love

    27 Apr 2012, 00:03 by wink5512

    Wow! Bluesinthenorthwest.com just gave us an amazing review for our album, Beast For Love, that came out last month.

    “From the striking album cover, to the band name, appearance, and the lavish press kit supplied, the Dance Hall Pimps package screamed out for attention. What we have with the band is an outfit that defy any normal genre, with the music touching all bases, and described as ‘rootsy garage rock, with a haunted swamp vibe’ . . . it’s certainly all that and more, but also with tinges of heavy rockabilly, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, bluegrass and more!”

    Read more at http://www.bluesinthenorthwest.com/index.php/2012/04/21/review-dance-hall-pimps-beast-for-love/

    Dance Hall Pimps
  • Artist of the Month voting ends TOMORROW!

    26 Apr 2012, 23:40 by wink5512

    ROCKWiRED MAGAZiNE has done us the honor of nominating Dance Hall Pimps as a potential band of the month! You guys cast the votes to decide who this month’s winner will be. The voting ends tomorrow so, if you haven’t already… vote for us on their website! We promise it only takes about 2 clicks and you’re done. We appreciate the support! Spread the word & rock hard!


    Dance Hall Pimps

    26 Apr 2012, 22:53 by wink5512

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! We’ll be returning to BriXton Southbay with an unlimited guest list. If you RSVP on our Facebook page then you can get in for FREE. If you need a +1 or more then go ahead & post there too & we gotcha! (https://www.facebook.com/events/318268988242265/)

    BriXton has booked us 3 times in the past 4 months... Now is your chance to come & see why if you haven’t already! And even if you have already, you know you’re in for another impressive show.

    This time we will kick off the night with super cheap Drink Specials. You’re going to love our swampy haunted garage rock and New Orleans-inspired razzmajazz. Get there at 8:00 pm, we will get this party started right about then.

    What more do you need to know? Free show, cheap drinks, 8:00 pm, Friday night... that's a recipe for the start of a great weekend. Can’t wait to see you there!

    Our debut LP 'Beast for Love' (Lakeshore Records) will be available at the show as well.
  • We need your vote!

    10 Apr 2012, 18:48 by wink5512

    We need Your Vote: Rockwired has nominated us as Artist of the Month. Please show your support. Click the link and vote, no pop-ups, no registration, just 2 clicks and you're done. Thanks Everyone.


    Dance Hall Pimps
  • Dance Hall Pimps Live at Jethawks Stadium

    29 Mar 2012, 17:20 by wink5512

    We are headlining a charity show on Saturday, April 7th at the Jethawks Stadium in Lancaster, CA to help raise money for Autism. We start playing at 3:00pm and then we’ll be playing again later in the Beer Garden during the opening ceremony! There will be a Body Art bus with tattoo models and some other festivities for the attendees to get involved in! This will be a great show & we’re excited to be playing for a cause.

    The show will be hosted by Chris Shows & SlappyGrind Entertainment

    Some of the musicians who will be rocking out on stage before us are:
    10 AM Lyricheal
    11 AM Tramps in Stereo
    12 PM Toy Ghost
    1 PM The UnFounded
    2 PM Against All Odds

    If you’re interested in more details, you can check out the Facebook event page

    And feel free to check out some of the show’s sponsors as well!

    Tatt'd Role Modelz
    Chris Shows
    Grind This!
  • Holly Stephey Talks to The Dance Hall Pimps Rock n Roll fun!

    27 Mar 2012, 23:16 by wink5512

    Guess what!? RJ is interviewing tomorrow at 2:00 PST with Blog Talk Radio. Below is the link to tune in!


    Dance Hall Pimps
  • Indies In Motion Interview

    23 Mar 2012, 17:38 by wink5512

    We had the opportunity to interview with Indies in Motion on Monday, March 19th! You can catch the stream on their website.

    "Here we go with another off the chain Indies in Motion show spotlighting HOT Singer/Songwriter from LA, Christy Paige and introducing author of a new inspirational book, Ruthell Price and Lead Singer of one of the coolest bands around, RJ of the Dance Hall Pimps plus a slammin’ groove by Ribkat & Josy B"

    Dance Hall Pimps
  • Upcoming Shows!

    23 Mar 2012, 17:11 by wink5512

    Come check us out at one of our upcoming shows!

    Thursday, March 29th at King King Hollywood
    6555 Hollywood Blvd.
    Hollywood, CA

    Saturday, April 7th at The Jethawk’s Stadium
    45116 Valley Central Way
    Lancaster, CA 93536

    Friday, May 25th at The Vault
    41607 Enterprise Cir N
    Temecula, CA, San Diego 92590

    Dance Hall Pimps
  • Muzik Reviews - Beast For Love

    13 Mar 2012, 20:32 by wink5512

    When I first was presented with the Dance Hall Pimps I had completely different expectations before I pushed play. I think you are more likely to get a better idea of what you are about to hear if you look at the bands track list on their debut LP, Beast of Love rather than by name alone. Titles like “Mommy Was a Zombie,” “Transylvania Love,” and the title track provide a bit more clarity.

    Over 46 plus minutes the Dance Hall Pimps have a bit of a gimmick with their blues rock/rockabilly goes goth, ala The Cramps, sound. They also hit on the drinking side of the blues as well that reminds of Reverend Horton Heat. While Beast For Love isn’t necessarily bringing something new to the masses, it certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t be good or fun. They are Dance Hall Pimps after all.

    Read more at http://www.muzikreviews.com/reviews.php?ID=2067Dance Hall Pimps