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"Best Foot Forward"

* "It's My Turn" by Stezo
* "Real Deal" by Lifer's Group
* "He's My DJ" by Sparky Dee featuring DJ Red Alert
* "Poison" by Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo
* "Dynamite" by Masters of Ceremony
* "Cold Chillin' in the Spot" by Jazzy Jay featuring Russell Simmons
* "Do or Die Bed-Stuy" by Divine Sounds
* "Party's Gettin' Rough" by Beastie Boys
* "You Can't Stop the Prophet" by Jeru the Damaja
* "Concerto for Jazz/Rock Orchestra, Part 2" by Stanley Clarke

"Building Steam with a Grain of Salt"

* "I Worship You" by Lexia
* "I Need You" by H.P. Riot
* "I Feel a New Shadow" by Jeremy Storch
* "Soul Food" by Frankie Seay and the Soul Riders
* "Planetary Motivations (Cancer)" by Mort Garson
* "George Marsh on Drums: Interviewed by Terry McGovern" from the LP Music Makers Percussion,
released by the Chevron/Standard Oil Company of California
o Audio sample

"The Number Song"

* "Orion" by Metallica
* "Breakdown" by T La Rock
* "AJ Scratch" by Kurtis Blow
* "Quit Jive'in" by Pearly Queen
* "Baby Don't Cry" by The Third Guitar
* "Sexy Coffee Pot" by Tony Alvon and the Belairs
* "Back to the Hip-Hop" by The Troubleneck Brothers
* "Bad Luck" by Don Covay and the Lemon Blues Band
* "Can I Kick It? (Spirit Mix)" by A Tribe Called Quest
* "Who Got the Number" by Pigmeat Markham and the B.Y.
* "Fantastic Freaks at the Dixie" by DJ Grand Wizard Theodore and the Fantastic Five
* "Corruption is the Thing" by Creations Unlimited
* "Flash It to the Beat" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
* "Freelance" by Grandmaster Flash
* "Get Ready" by He 6
* "Been Had" by Sapo
* "8 Counts for Rita" by Jimmy Smith


* "Soft Shell" by Motherlode
* "Klondyke Netti" by Embryo
* "Invisible Limits" by Tangerine Dream
* "Imagination Flight" by The Chaffey College Jazz Ensemble
* "Touching Souls" and "Inner Mood I" by Kay Gardner
* "The Man Who Couldn't Cry" by Loudon Wainwright III
* "Here Comes the Meterman" by The Meters

"Transmission 1"

* "The Dream Message" from the film Prince of Darkness

"What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 4"

* "The Vision and the Voice, Part 1 - The Vision" by Flying Island
* "Monica" by The People's People
* "Numbers" by Kraftwerk

Untitled (Track 6)

* "Grey Boy" by Human Race

"Stem/Long Stem"

* "Love Suite" by Nirvana
* "Tears" by Giorgio Moroder
* "Linde Manor" by Dennis Linde
* "Freedom" by Murray Roman
* "Variazione III" by Osanna
* "Blues So Bad" by The Mystic Number National Bank
* "Oleo Strut" by Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company
* "Moshitup" by Just-Ice featuring KRS-One
* "Dolmen Music" by Meredith Monk
* Background synthesizers from the film Blade Runner (soundtrack by Vangelist)

"Transmission 2"

* "The Human Abstract" by David Axelrod
* "The Madness Subsides" by Pekka Pohjola
* "The Dream Message" from Prince of Darkness

"Mutual Slump"

* "Possibly Maybe" by Björk
* "Love, Love, Love" by Pugh Rogefeldt
* "More Than Seven Dwarfs in Penis-Land" by Roger Waters and Ron Geesin
* Dialogue from an unknown interview concerning the film Xanadu

"Organ Donor"

* "Tears" by Giorgio Moroder
* "PM or Later (Instrumental)" by The New Breed
* "There's a DJ in Your Town" by Samson and Delilah
* "Someone" by Bill & Tim

"Midnight in a Perfect World"

* "Outta State" by Akinyele
* "Sower of Seeds" by Baraka
* "California Soul" by Marlena Shaw
* "The Human Abstract" by David Axelrod
* "The Madness Subsides" by Pekka Pohjola
* "Dolmen Music" by Meredith Monk
* "Releasing Hypnotical Gases" by Organized Konfusion
* "Life Could" by Rotary Connection

"Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain"

* "'Pon a Hill" by T. Rex
* "Walk on By" from Jo Ann Garrett
* Dialogue from the film The Aurora Encounter
* "Moment of Truth/Ghetto Shakedown" by Charles Bernstein
* "A Funky Kind of Thing" by Billy Cobham
* "Let the Homicides Begin" by Top Priority featuring Percy P
* "Space Odyssey - 2001" by The Daly-Wilson Big Band
* "Soul Brother's Testify" by Chester Randle's Original Soul Senders
* "Fun and Funk (Part II)" by The Fantastic Epics

"What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1: Blue Sky Revisit"

* "All Our Love" by Shawn Phillips
* "Joe Splivingates" by David Young
* "Nucleus" by The Alan Parsons Project
* "The Dream Message" from Prince of Darkness
* "Voice of the Saxophone" by The Heath Brothers
* Voice of the character The Giant from the episode "Lonely Souls" of the TV series Twin Peaks

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