• Bradleybee's Top 10 of 2006

    29 Jan 2007, 03:52 by bradleybee

    Not a lot of new stuff on my list---mostly old favorites still releasing excellent material...

    Bradleybee's Top 10 of 2006:

    1. Lisa Germano - In The Mabye World - Lush, etherial production cradling these tender, delicate songs in loving arms.... whispered cut-to-the-bone lyrics paired with fractaled, folded lullabye melodies...from a different place than her masterpiece Geek the Girl but so much more rich and effortless... absolutely perfect. - young god records

    2. Danny and the Nightmares - Freak Brain - Daniel retreats to Waller with his own private "Crazy Horse" and produces a primal garage-sludge masterpiece. The balance of the scattershot, dazed verses with the screaming chorus "I FEEL LIKE LUCIFER TONGHT!!!!!!" is definitely on my back-neck-hair-raising list... The songwriting is strong and stands up to some of the instant classics on the 1st Danny & the Nightmares CD like "Why Die?" and "Love is for Losers." - sympathy for the record industry