• Some Criminally Underrated Bands

    5 Jun 2007, 23:21 by Braxil

    Quite often I will hear a band for the first time and say to myself, "Why isn't this huge?", so to remedy this, I have written a wonderful little journal to educate you fools.

    Crimson Glory

    Okay, maybe it isn't shocking that this band isn't huge, as they were really only relevant for two years. But they did put out a promising self-titled debut (Crimson Glory) and followed it up with the un-fucking-believable Transcendence which I would rate among the finest metal albums ever produced. Crimson Glory play(ed) an early form of comparable to early Queensryche with songs that alternated between fast-paced melodic metal and brooding, atmospheric songs. I can't recommend these two albums enough.

    Mechanical Poet

    The word "progressive" today seems to translate to "sounds like Images and Words", and the quality of most releases seems to be judged by this standard. Thankfully, however…
  • Bay Area Rock Fest at the Independent, SF - May 4-5, 2007

    19 May 2007, 01:13 by megascargot

    Fri 4 May – BAR Fest

    It's about time I wrote about my trip up to the first annual edition of the Bay Area Rock Fest a couple of weeks ago, which ran a couple of evenings up in San Francisco at the Independent, a fairly small club. This new festival seems to focus on progressive music, mostly on the metal side.

    The announced line-up for the festival was rather impressive, and featured my favorite band Spock's Beard, in what appeared to be the only California date on this first leg of their tour. It's always a pleasure to go visit beautiful San Francisco, so I made it a whole weekend gateway. This turned out great as we were treated to exceptional weather over these few days.

    So I flew in from Los Angeles on the Friday. Both nights the shows were starting at 6pm, leaving very little time for dinner and sight-seeing, so I missed all the opening bands on both days, since I didn't care that much about seeing them anyway.

    On Friday evening, I thus missed Timeline and Mob Rules. …
  • How mainstream am I?

    29 Oct 2006, 15:38 by cylastefem

    Go through your top 10 artists and add up the total number of fans. Divide that number by 10 then divide again by the number of Radiohead fans. That is your "mainstream percentage".

    Sieges Even - 1169
    Iron Maiden - 156837
    Ozric Tentacles - 9626
    Rush - 68594
    Fates Warning - 5632
    Joe Satriani - 46652
    Crimson Glory - 1392
    Coroner - 2659
    Ark - 7295
    Risk - 172
    Total: 300028

    Radiohead - 407014

    30003 / 407014 = 7,37%

    And now what?
  • Mon initiation métallique par Rock Hard Vol.4 le Prog'

    29 May 2006, 12:22 by Muscu

    Et voilà le 4ème volet de mon initiation métallique qui commence.
    Cette fois on s'attaque au prog.
    Bon, l'aspect technique de la musique me passe complètement au-dessus de la tête, donc du coup les démonstrations techniques en tous genres, je m'en fous complètement.
    La durée des morceaux a souvent un côté assez rebutant aussi.
    Bon, en même temps tout ça c'est assez clichesque, le Prog ne se résumant pas à de longs morceaux techniques.
    Enfin j'aime bien certains albums de Dream Theater par exemple, donc je pense pouvoir apprécier ces albums là, mais c'est juste histoire de dire que j'ai quand même 2-3 à priori.

    En tout cas, comme d'hab, j'attends vos commentaires et vos conseils.

    • 1 - Fates Warning

    No Exit (1988)
    Pour du Prog, cet album est quand même assez direct et efficace.
    Ça me fait énormément penser à du Queensrÿche en fait.
    C'est surement les restes de Heavy assez "maidenien" de leurs précédents albums.