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There are currently 3 bands with this name:

1) A Toronto based DJ
2) A Peruvian melodic death metal band
3) A German death metal band


1) Crimson Death is a Toronto-based Jungle DJ, whose music is influenced by the sounds and imagery of Black Metal. Known for his extreme studio creations, unique covers and high energy remixes, he seamlessly blends elements of opposing genres into dynamic dance-floor anthems. The music can be categorized as technically complex drum and bass reinforced through "wall of sound" drum programing. Dark, distorted bass lines and layers of cold ambience are accompanied by haunting, vocals delivering otherworldly lyrics which focus on all aspects of perceived reality and experienced emotion within the collective sub-concious. DJ Crimson Death began his experiments in the art of music construction and manipulation while a student at Fanshawe College in London Ontario. Long hours in the studio interrupted only by frequent live performances resulted in a project called Fetus In A Can: A mesh of traditional black metal and punk using experimental instrumentation and textures. After college Crimson recorded a series of experimental EBM tracks using samples, turntables and computer programming. In time, his metal sound began creeping into these recordings. Crimson became the world's first black metal DJ, a pioneer in what is now frequently called "Grave Music" (A cross between Goth and Rave). A club set by DJ Crimson Death usually features a blend of original track elements with live vocals and breaks. He has also been known to perform "mainstream" DJ sets on occasion, though still donning his trademark spikes and corpse paint (in tribute to his Norwegian Metal influences). In October of 2006 Crimson released SubMerge, his first commercial dance single (pressed in limited edition red vinyl). It met with critical aclaim and quickly sold out of record stores in Canada and Europe. Now signed to the Brighton UK based EDM label EML Recordings.

Recordings Include:
Ear Poison-Demo (10/31/2001), Toward the Blue Light (7/16/2002), Cybernetic (11/18/2003), The Prince-E.P. (10/12/2004), The Crystalline Imprint (EML Recordings 10/04/2010), Crimson Death vs. Pixieguts EP (05/01/2010) and Atrophy (EML Recordings 03/04/2011).

Noted Remixes:
Surplus Sons - Step Stones
Concession 23-On the Mountainside
Cylidian - Anthem of Corruption
Nine Inch Nails - Only
Transformers: Jungle Tech Evolution (Pirate)
Tool/Nine Inch Nails - A necessary high (Pirate)
Marlo Thomas - Sisters & Brothers (Pirate)
Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing (Pirate)
Accafellas - Land of the Silver Birch (Pirate)

Noted Covers:
CRYPTOPSY - Phobophile
HECATE ENTHRONED - Upon the Kingdom Throne
HANK WILLIAMS - Tear in my Beer
TEARS 4 FEARS - Mad World
PORTISHEAD - Mysterons
OL' DIRTY BASTARD - got your money

2) Crimson Death is a Melodic death metal band, founded in 1994, by Geyner Valencia and Edgar Rodríguez, in Arequipa of Peru. It's also the first and only band from Peru to play the Gothenburg Sound.

3) The German death metal quartet Crimson death is the selfdeclared successor of the band Hagalaz from 2006 founded in 2008. Their music can easily be described as oldschool death metal with little foreign influences. They released one EP called "Dead's The Way I Like It" so far.

4) Crimson Death is also a forgotten underground US death/thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. They released one demo, "Destined to Die", in 1987. They later changed their name to Vehemence.

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