• New Releases!

    31 Aug 2009, 17:42 by twilex

    Grab @!

    V/A - Blip Festival 2008: 32 Live Recordings 2xCD * BUY

    Produced by 2 Player Productions, and featuring one track from each of the 2008 festival's 32 musical performers, including SIDABITBALL, Low-Gain, IAYD, Cow'p, Nullsleep, Sulumi, Bubblyfish, Syphus, zabutom, Role Model, Mr. Spastic, Stu, lissajou, USK, and more. Professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered; the phenomenon of live chipmusic has never before been so pristinely captured. AVAILABLE NOW via the 8bitpeoples shop, and at this weekend's two blockbuster NYC chipmusic events.

    "Milestones should be marked by monuments, and this is the second time 8bitpeoples have done so: with the 2xCD _8BP50_ after the first Blip Festival, and now with this; 8BP100 — so you can see just how far it’s all come. Now take this artifact in your hands, press play on your system, inspect the pretty parcel it came in until you’ve unlocked its every secret, then turn up the volume, close your eyes, and picture yourself there."
  • Similar artists to The Sand People are Easily Startled but They Will be Back in…

    28 Feb 2008, 16:30 by headcube

    Years ago I posted some music on by a friend and myself. We called ourselves The Sand People are Easily Startled but They will be back in Greater Numbers but unfortunately we only got to record one track. I quite like that track, though, as it has a certain feel to it.

    Anyway, I've just noticed that has generated a list of similar artists to The Sand People are Easily Startled but They will be back in Greater Numbers and it's an inspiring mix of completely brilliant, completely stupid music, most of it heavily -influenced.

    I'm posting it here because I happen to know there's a big update to the similarity algorithm coming soon and I want to preserve the list for future reference. And also because this connects my music to the profiles of dozens of obscure artists, perhaps bringing a listener or two.

    Finally I might as well take the opportunity to plug my current musical project, Escape from the Head Cube. …
  • Reviews: Forms, Monyupita, Deerhoof, Yoko Kanno, GB, Asa-Chang & Blue Hearts

    19 Feb 2007, 04:47 by djgizmoe

    Advanced(!) Japanzine (unedited) reviews for the next two months. On the move to Kyoto, so I thought I'd better get these up quick for once.

    Various Artists

    Absolutely nothing to complain about from this surprisingly juicy release, a dirt-cheap (1000 yen), 24 track CD of shit-hot unknown indie electro-pop, rock and electronica, Japanese and otherwise. Tiger Force touches things off with “Beat This”, a grungy ghettotech chant that wouldn’t be out of place on Le Tigre or Peaches’ latest. The $hit are up next doing their best Polysics impression with bleepy enthusiasm on “We Don’t Give A Fuck About Soul”, followed by all-girl surf guitar from Nibbles, off-kilter electronic squeekings from IOIOI, lo-fi Casio pop from Kumisolo, Game Boy accompanied by trumpet from Goto80…all excellent examples of nerdy DIY production at its best. Probably best appreciated by those nursing a secret crush on DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh (or just finishing their long ride on that wave called “electroclash”)…