• Top 10 Albums of 2010

    Ago 19 2011, 1:40 di Alfa-Beta

    Although this comes a little bit late, I have finally chosen the albums which, in my opinion, are the best of this last year. Having come to this point, I would like to express my gratitude to the last.fm users' collaborations at the time of making a provisional Top 10.
    I'm also not putting this in a “traditionally inverse” form, since I think that the best albums deserve also to be given all attention from the start, and not at last, as it's done usually.
    An important note: this classification is not made on a basis of whether an album released by an artist or a band in 2010 is worse or better than his/her/its previous works, but in comparison to the other albums released in 2010.
    I have also tried to be as much impartial as possible in relationship to the different styles and genres, since I qualified these albums depending on how good they are, without giving privileges to one or another genre.

    So, without more delay, here is my Top 10:

    1 - High Violet by The National

  • KGRL's NMM™ on Feb. 3rd, 2010

    Feb 3 2010, 19:20 di hdsander

    Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 6am PST

    NMM™ is when KGRL plays all the newly added artists and music (not all of what will be added but representatives). Celebrated about twice a month it's a remarkable event at which many of the KGRL listeners, the flowerites, meet at the flowerbox, the chat box at KGRL's homepage.


    Today's new music played for 4½ hours, an all-time record if I remember well. Thanks to Yael Meyer for visiting us at the Flowerbox, Mikeagain for the phone call to wake her up and, naturally, Mysty for the effort to compile the sets of coolest cool music.

    "Good morning flowerites and welcome to the New Music Morning sets.
    Sit back, relax and enjoy your taste of the new music added to our playlist.
    You can also join us at the Flowerbox over at www.KGRL.fm to chat with
    your fellow flowerites.
    Our New Music Morning starts right now!" ?
    Cruiserweight - Smith Tower
    Cruiserweight - Center Of The Universe