• About that "this week I'm into" stuff..

    11 Dec 2007, 15:12 by rezk

    whats the point of that? I mean isn't all about really showing what people are into just by statistics?

    well, that's the point. Just because I listen to some artist more it doesn't mean I dig them more. I just played them more, well according to audioscrobbler anyway. some artist I listen to on other computers, some on a CD , some on vinyl... so I wanted to make justice to the artists & labels I simply respect more then others that particular week.

    Frustrated Funk
    Justus Köhncke
    Isao Tomita
    Silicon Scally
  • eMusic Techno

    4 May 2007, 23:16 by skerzo

    I've been finding so much great techno on eMusic recently that I had to come here and gush about it.

    In just one paragraph my enthusiasm for sitting here and typing has in fact waned so much that its gonna be more of a list of links to said great stuff rather than any kind of literary masterpiece but maybe... just maybe it might help ye oh tech-hungry-yet-lost and daunted eMusic subscriber....?

    The pick is mostly from labels and artists that were obscure to me as my finger has well and truly been off the pulse for a number of years but a bit of net research dug up the facts that alot of these 'headz' are pretty respected... so here we go....

    Oh, and one more thing - picking up a '12' in mp3 format is such a bland experience in comparison to flicking through the racks of vinyl at your local patronising, know-it-all, too cool for thou record emporium..... but waaay cheaper! And waaaay less of an intimidating, patronising experience!

    First up
  • Ten favourite records of 2006

    22 Dec 2006, 13:22 by brelson

    Monolake - Alaska remixes (Imbalance)
    Particularly for the first Substance remix. Really sends shivers up my spine. It's not often that electronic tracks seem to capture the essence of their titles, if that makes sense, but Alaska really hits the nail on the head - I feel like I'm about to freeze every time I listen to it.

    Spectral Network - Defragment parts 7-10 (Octal)
    The most abstract of this year's three new Octal releases. Octal 4, 5 and 6 are all well worth tracking down for mid-tempo dubby techno but it's this one that most gets me. Really expansive and out there.

    Burial - Distant Lights EP (Hyperdub)
    Possibly eclipsed by the Burial album, but as I'm not a CD person nor much of an mp3 downloader I haven't heard it. Burial's stuff stands out a mile from other dubstep I've heard. Some people overstate the extent to which it's influenced by Basic Channel/Chain Reaction and so on; yeah, it does use a lot of reverb and there's a warm, immersive aspect to the music, it's very distinct from that Berlin sound. …
  • Dutch electro documentary (full video here)

    20 Oct 2006, 21:05 by sharevari

    Many thanks to the saintly kichi for uploading the documentary This is our music about the Dutch electro scene around Clone and Viewlexx featuring all your favourite Dutch disco freaks. Legowelt, Alden Tyrell, Serge from Clone, Comtron and I-F are all being interviewed, some stranger than others.

    It's excellent fun to watch, both Legowelt and Alden Tyrell come across as really humble, almost shy, and both seem to find it incomprehensible why people like their music.

    Choice quotes

    Legowelt: I really like maps, I don't know why but I like to look at maps. I can look at it for minutes.

    Alden Tyrell: It always surprises me when people say one of my records rock... How can that be?

    I-F: If I weren't in music, I'd be in the mafia.

    If the embedded video below doesn't work (which it probably won't), watch it here.