• Combine the Victorious - Disagreements

    4 Dec 2008, 11:37 by BoutiqueEmpire

    The new Disagreements ep from Combine the Victorious was released online on November 25th-2008. Preview songs here on last.fm, the Combine myspace or iTunes.

  • Been busy

    2 Oct 2008, 23:19 by markhenning

    It's been a busy summer/autumn. We've gotten our label Boutique Empire off the ground; released the Sex With Strangers albumThe Modern Seduction, and now have the first ep by Guilty About Girls available online: EP1. The Combine the Victorious ep Disagreements is very nearly done, and Jordy and I have started work on three other new tracks to go along with VRGN (hopefully done before Christmas). Isabelle's going on her first tour in October (with SWS) and we will be shooting a video soon for both CtV and SWS in the next few weeks. Exciting times. Plus last.fm has been getting busier which is great as it seems to be becoming a viable outlet for indie bands to gain global exposure without all the annoyance of myspace or garageband.com etc. Plus they're going to pay royalties for radio play which is also intriguing. Have to wait and see what they're going to offer. Been a good year so far. Hopefully 2009 will be even better!
  • Disagreements coming along...

    3 Jul 2008, 08:47 by markhenning

    Hi, just writing to say that our next Combine the Victorious release, going to be called "Disagreements," is progressing fairly well. Todd Simko (Pure) came over tonight and put down guitar on our song "Back in Style," which came out extraordinarily great! Very excited.

    Hope to have everything done by the first of August. We have our Boutique Empire showcase coming up on July 18th, so after that we'll be completely focused on finished the ep. Going to be a great show I think, we're working out the songs to sound cool with just guitar, bass and drums, no keyboards this time at all. And very dancey too.



    p.s. oh and we started to compile the songs for the Blisterene compilation ('The Rest") this week too. Fun to revisit those songs, so many good ones that didn't get released (yet).

    9 Apr 2008, 19:54 by markhenning

    Hello. Just a quick note to say we're closing in on finishing our next release. It's going to be an ep this time. We're calling it Disagreements, and it should be five songs when we're done. The first track from it, Fat Kids Big Cars, is now up on Last FM and our myspace, so please have a listen. This one pretty much sums up my impression of North America in 2008, so it's not a love song or anything like that. I'll post the lyrics in case any of you would like to have a gander.


    Fat Kids, big cars
    crime scene, movie stars

    Fast Food, gasoline,
    Hollywood, magazine

    Maybe we've all been on holiday
    but there things you're telling me
    are weightless

    Hooked on jellybean
    Diet Coke and Vaseline,
    Infrared celebrity
    is flashing pink on my tv
    Big road loyalty
    closing down community
    Internet conspiracy is
    questioning democracy

    Maybe we've all been on holiday
    but these things you're selling me are weightless