• Coldplay Top 10

    26 May 2007, 07:07 by bicranium

    Well, I posted on the "Careful Where You Stand" shoutbox that probably half of my top 10 favorite Coldplay songs are B-sides so I figured I'd actually go through and try to figure it out and early in the process I think I lied...

    1. Amsterdam
    2. Careful Where You Stand
    3. Daylight
    4. Warning Sign
    5. No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground
    6. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
    7. For You
    8. Gravity
    9. Animals
    10. Moses

    So 4 songs from AROBTTH, 5 I would consider B-sides (CWYS and FY are bonus tracks for the JP release) then Moses from the live album. Go a little deeper towards 20-25 songs and you'd probably get mostly B-sides and songs from Parachutes. But I'm not doing that...
  • a few questions

    5 Mar 2007, 00:28 by sprucemoose5

    Top 5* Listened Songs in the past 3 months:
    *they were all whiskeytown, so i did top 5 from different artists

    1. 16 Days

    2. Round Here

    3. Breathe Me

    4. 9 Crimes

    5. Colourful

    Top 5 CD's I've aquired in the last 6 months :

    1. Pneumonia- I am getting into alt-country and it's really scaring me, but this album is truly fantastic if you like Ryan Adams and if you have an appreciation for music that isn't terrible.

    2. Strangers Almanac- I can't talk about Pneumonia and not mention Strangers Almanac in the same category. They are very close on my most played list, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint either.

    3. Colour the Small One- her vocals are superb and really relaxed. this is a great cd to listen to when you're tired and want to space out a bit.

    4. Teaser and the Firecat- my mother gave me her appreciation for Cat Stevens at a young age, and I am finally taking advantage of her musical knowledge. This is a fantastic record from Mr. …
  • How I Discovered my top 15* Artists

    23 Feb 2007, 01:13 by sprucemoose5

    *comedians removed because that's not music!

    1. Ryan Adams 1473 plays
    I remember hearing New York, New York after 9/11 and thinking he was pretty cool. Forgot about him for ahwile then heard his cover of Wonderwall and was totally hooked.
    1st heard: New York, New York
    Favorite: Call Me on Your Way Back Home

    2. Sufjan Stevens 1263 plays
    I downloaded Seer's Tower on a whim and thought it was some of the most interesting music i'd heard in a long time. I got the rest of Illinois, loved it, and then he took off!
    1st heard: The Seer's Tower
    Favorite: That Was Worst Christmas Ever!

    3. Counting Crows 1191 plays
    My mom bought their first CD in 93. I've loved them every since.
    1st heard: Round Here
    Favorite: Round Here

    4. David Gray 855 plays
    I was in the car with a friend in 7th grade and her mom had this CD in. I loved it.
    1st heard: Babylon
    Favorite: Shine

    5. Coldplay 718 plays
    I saw the video for Yellow on mtv.
    1st heard: Yellow
  • I need this for my life.

    8 Feb 2007, 21:54 by RedCherryRed

    Careful where you stand - ColdPlay

    I feel safe, I feel warm
    When you're here
    And I do no wrong
    I'm cured, when I'm by your side
    I'm alright
    I'm alright

    I am safe when I am with you
    I feel warm if you want me to
    I'm cured, when I'm by your side
    I'm alright

    Careful where you stand my love
    Careful where you lay your head
    It's true
    We're always looking out for one another

    I feel safe when I am with you
    I feel warm when you want me to
    I am cured when you are around
    I'm alright

    Careful where you stand my love
    Careful where you lay your head
    It's true
    We're always looking out for one another

    So I'd like a quiet time please
    Yeah I'd like quiet time

    Be careful where you stand
    Be careful where you stand


    I need this for me.
    Because it's terrible to feel alone.

    Careful Where You Stand
  • missing never

    19 Jul 2006, 13:03 by Yai

    About 8 years ago a friend asked me what kind of music do I listen to. I I told her I don't really listen to music and she gave me a look of utter disbelief. Then she said, "I can't imagine life without music." It amazed me how her love for music was so strong that I could understand it from just those few words. But it never dawned on me that it was possible for me to feel the same way. Really its only possible for me to love music the way I do because I'm not hiding my emotions as much these days. It really surprising how a piece of music can enhance an emotion, a though, or a memory. It can even bring you into something or somewhere completely different. Its all there just right in reach. It's quite amazing. I wish I could tell her I understand.

    Songs that bring it out of me:
    When It Happens It Moves All By Itself simply beautiful music.
    Passport (C.W.B Always With Me) I wish I was there to protect you.
    Don't Panic Maybe theres more to it than you think.
    Cup of Coffee Words you never want to hear.
  • Top 25 (winamp) via lyrics game

    4 Jun 2006, 06:29 by Yai

    Looks like I've gotten all the guesses I'm going to get so I'll just add in the one that weren't found unbolded.

    Last.fm is updating sparsely but still far from accurate so here goes another top 25 (+1 tie) according to winamp. After compiling the list and picking out my favorite lyrics from each I decided I might as well try the lyrics game with it. I don't play this lyrics game much because I suck at it but I think that more than a few of you enjoy it so I'll try. Probably will be really easy to figure out especially since I have toruble picking short lyrics. And no fair looking at my top tracks chart, although if you wanted to cheat I guess you could just pop the lyrics into google. *shrug* Enjoy

    Evolution - 91 plays "Better make your mind up quick / Better make your mind up quick"

    Cup of Coffee - 57 plays "So no of course we can't be friends / Not while I still feel like this / I guess I always knew the score / This is where our story ends"

  • Top 10 Coldplay songs!!!

    17 Feb 2006, 05:58 by cesarxp


    Here are my top 10 coldplay songs:
    1. Careful Where You Stand
    2. Don't Panic
    3. Crest of Waves
    4. Clocks
    5. White Shadows
    6. Square One
    7. Things I Don't Understand
    8. Low
    9. Moses
    10. Parachutes/I Ran Away (tie)

    Careful Where You Stand
    Don't Panic
    Crest of Waves
    White Shadows
    Square One
    Things I Don't Understand
    I Ran Away

    What are your favorites?...