• Album review: Coil - Love's Secret Domain

    31 Aug 2006, 19:53 by Jester-NL

    The next chapter of my series of Coil reviews.
    Since this one is about Love's Secret Domain, and there is quite a bit to be said about this album I can imagine people looking forward to this one ;)

    Released in 1991 (finally...) this was the first new Coil-release in 4 years.
    1991. The year of Plague Mass, which happens to be one of the most impressive live-performances I ever heard. the same year of TYRANNY >FOR YOU<, and the same year Japan did a non-comeback as Rain Tree Crow. Oh, and, as Wikipedia kindly reminds me, it is the year that the world discovered Seattle and thus grunge. Never really liked it.
    1991 was the year I went back to give school another try after a few years of work. A hard time, being used to have quite a bit of money, I suddenly became an continously broke student. No fun...
    The world was sort of shocked that year by IRA-attacks on London, the continuing (and 'ending') of the first Gulf-war, the beating of a R. …