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It all began back in 2007 with Brendan Ellis and Eric Roebuck moving into a house once known as The Lilypad. Bored with their main band at the time Houston We Have a Problem, and tired of playing their side project, Heroes, Eric and Brendan were looking for something new.

After partying hard and being masters of the Lilypad, the duo started jamming with Zach Bukowski. This was the formation of awesome. Being summer, the now trio of Eric and Zach dual drumming, with Brendan playing guitar, decided to combine their enjoyment of punk rock, beers, and being naked to become a band known as Da Bears.

After a couple of random shows that no one remembers, Zach joined outclassed and started to seriously focus on that band. Around this time, Da Bears went on extended hiatus.

In 2009, after Outclassed and HWHAP disbanded, Who Goes There? was formed. Eric quit Da Bears at this time due to time constraints and Brendan and Zach's refusal to practice, believing practice didn't matter for how drunk they'd get at practice and the potential show. Once again, Da Bears were shelfed while Who Goes There? became the main focus of music.

After a good run, Who Goes There? went the way of the buffalo, and disbanded. Left with no band for the first time in years, Brendan started rearranging Da Bears songs to have as a recording project. Zach eventually found out, and started jamming again. Eric was asked, but by this time, Eric had already become the live drummer for Mantic Ritual, and also started Dub Skanky, a reggae punk band in Pittsburgh.

Not liking the empty sound of a two piece, Brendan and Zach asked friends Tim Fehir (also from WGT? and HWHAP) and Jacob Campbell to play bass and guitar respectively.

After recording a demo and took almost a year to complete, the band took an extended hiatus.

As of January 2012, Brendan, Zach, and Tim are rewriting the demo and planning on rerecording the songs to add to a full length that is planned to be available by early summer 2012, with a solemn promise we can do better.

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