• Nils Lofgren & Clive Cussler Collaboration

    15 Mar 2007, 02:14 by marebear1071

    What do you get when you cross a multi million best selling author and a rock legend? Well you get a work of art?.

    Clive Cussler and Nils Lofgren live in close proximity of each other in Scottsdale Arizona and have been friends for many years. It was through this friendship that Clive mentioned to Nils that he had always wanted to write a ?corny country song?. With that said, these two creative geniuses put their heads together and now both believe they have written a great song. Now with the song written we wanted to generate interest from both fan bases.

    By response to this message let us know if you would be interested in an online purchasable download including the song and its history that would be available in the near future. Your thoughts and comments are valued greatly.
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