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  1. Isterismo are an hardcore punk band from Tokyo, Japan.

  2. Ferocious X is a Noisy Crust band from Japan. They have recorded 2 7"s "Befria Från Vånda " and "Våga Tänka Själv" A demo called "5 Latars"…

  3. Distortion for days d-beat worship.

  4. Japanese d-beat mayhem!

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  6. 1. Japanese crasher crust. Bass player and drummer were ex-members of Gloom.

    2. Progressive Death Metal band from Siegen, Germany. Formed in…

  7. Zyanose is an overly distorted and noisy Japanese hardcore punk band, inspired heavily by Confuse. It is believed the band formed in 2002 -…

  8. Bulldozed late UK 80's style crust from Japan. If you like Abraham Cross, Death Dust Extractor, Massgrave, Sore Throat circa "Never Mind the…

  9. Reality Crisis is a Hardcore Punk band from Japan.


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  11. Japanese Crust band greatly influenced by Amebix when it comes to riffage and ambiance.

  12. Crasher Crust from Japan. Still playing today.

  13. Japanese d-beat noise punk band from Nagoya.

    For fans of Gloom, Disclose, etc.

  14. Noisy hardcore punk from Portland heavily influenced by bands like Confuse, Gai, State Children, Disorder, and Chaos UK.

  15. Lastly is a noisey crasher crust band from Japan.

    First Demo
    練習用 Demo
    Yotsuva LP (Compilation)
    Noize-Core From Under Depoplated…

  16. ATROCIOUS MADNESS, crasher crust from out of PORTLAND.

    Features members of LEBENDEN TOTEN, DETESTATION, HELLSHOCK, etc...

  17. japanese hardcore in finnish!

  18. Japanese hardcore punk in the style of Mob 47 with Swedish lyrics

  19. Crocodile Skink were a hardcore punk/Crust punk band from Tokyo Japan.They formed in 1990 and disbanded in late 90's,They also formed their own…

  20. Bombanfall was formed in Sweden in the mid-1980's, and later changed their name to Two Moon's Rising.


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