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From an early age it was clear which direction Claudia’s life would take. Her passion for music was obvious from an early age. When she was only 7 years old, her parents noticed how talented and dedicated to the music their daughter was and they took her to take singing classes.
From singing and dancing in from of her family, their friends and neighbours she move right on stage. Claudia started to sing in talent shows and competitions and whenever she was asked what she wanted to become when she would grow older, she would respond: ”I am going to become the best singer in the world”.
At the early age of 9, the young singer made her debut in a television show. At that time she would perform the hits of her favourite artists, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, proving that even if she was only a child she could sing those difficult, challenging songs.
Claudia continued to win all sorts of national and local famous competitions and to impress huge audiences and well known judges.
In time she has established herself and made her way into this business. Claudia has cultivated her talent and her remarkable voice and, at the age of 15, she made her debut in the music industry as part of a band of three teenage girls.

After having huge success with the band, at only 16 years old, Claudia decided to take the next step, leaving a secure and safe spot for a solo career. “I have always dreamed of following my own path and destiny as a solo artist. I had lots of fun and I learned a lot during the time I was part of the band, but this was the first step in my career. I wanted more, it was time to go to the next level”, Claudia says. She took that chance at the age of 17 and she made her wish come true. “Believe In Me” was the first material that Claudia launched on her own. The maxi-single included 5 tracks and 2 remixes. The first single from this EP was “Closer”, a hit of the summer 2002.
Aside from singing, the young ambitious girl followed another dream of hers, that of becoming an actress. Therefore, in the year 2003 she was admitted in the Acting University. “I have always wanted to be a complex artist,a good performer and that is why I took singing classes, dancing and acting courses for several years. I want people to appreciate my show when I am on stage”, says Claudia.

Claudia worked very hard to improve her skills, she took singing lessons, choreography classes and has worked for 1 year in the studio. In November 2003, after she just turning 19, Claudia released the first single from her album “I am waiting”, called “Close Your Eyes”. This track rapidly became a hit and was climbing the top of the charts.
Her most recent single,’’ Don t miss missing you’’ is her favourite song and when she first heard the song she started crying saying that it is the song that she was waiting for.She sings it with much love and passion because she is so in love with it.’’Don t miss missing you’’ was produced in Sweden by a great team of producers who were amazed by Claudia’s voice and determination.

Claudia is a young, talented singer, who loves music more than anything and is heading towards her peak in the music industry. From an early age she knew what she wanted and she works hard to achieve her goal. She is well known for her professionalism and for putting her heart and soul into her work. However, she is the soul of the party, with her catchy tracks about desire, love and life, completed by her personal charisma and her stage presence which attract the eye as a magnet. Her motto is “Life is short, enjoy every moment of it!”.
Claudia is very attached of her family and the remembrance of her childhood always brings a smile on her face. Her dearest memory dates from back when she was 9 and she participated for the first time in her live in a television singing contest.
The person Claudia is the most attached is her sister, Paula, her best advisor and critic.
Claudia is a very feminine presence, always smiling, being energetic, dancing and spreading positive vibes. For the girl that followed her dream to become an exquisite singer and performer, even greater things lay ahead as she continues to challenge herself artistically.

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