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A few years ago, a mysterious LP appeared, only for sale from a limited number of retail outlets, most of the pressing being sold at the WFMU Record Fair on 2009. Some people recognized that it emitted from the Numero camp (even appearing on some lists as a Numero release), but no information was ever provided, and no official credit was ever taken. The LP, simply known as Circuit Rider, was living out its arcane origins. The sticker offered little, if any, info: “This is the ultimate burnout biker psych masterpiece. Finally repressed directly from tapes to flawlessly restore the cigarette burns, Harley fumes, and cocaine hangovers of the original ride. This is a 40 minute recipe for complete mental breakdown. In included on the Acid Archives list of Top Ten LPs Most Likely To Be Owned By A Serial Killer. Circuit Rider is lost on the same journey as Kenneth Higney, Nicodemus & Matchez, YaHoWa, Boa, Heitkotter, Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz, Raven, Fraction, and The Doors’ LA Woman.” It’s not that Thorn Oehrig couldn’t be found… he was. And, he was willing to allow his music to be heard again… but only in its original form. So, an exact replica was created, and made available in the same haphazard fashion as the original pressing from 1981.

Cover artist, vocalist, songwriter, and engineer Thorn Oehrig has only ever allowed a few documents to appear from his personal archives, and never any photographs. No one knows what the band looks like, or even who else played on the sessions besides Thorn. However, a screenplay or book-length autobiography is supposedly forthcoming.

Taken from Numero Group website

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