• Free Downloads Of Female Artists/Female Fronted Bands: C-D

    9 Aug 2012, 10:23 by music_man_76

    Welcome to my on going effort to promote the music of female vocalists and female fronted bands. I hope you find this research tool useful to you in growing a greater appreciation of these wonderful women singers and musicians. Some of these artists are well known while others are working hard to be discovered. The first link will take you to the artist's home page. The following link(s) takes you to the website(s) where the artist is offering a free download.

    I would like to give a special thanks to my friend Ken aka Pretty-Life, who has brought to my attention so many of the fantastic female artists found in this journal. Thanks, Ken!

    Please know that I do not own or hold the copyrights on any of the below songs. They are all the property of their respective artists, songwriters and/or recording companies.

    If you like my work, then please leave me a shout saying so. Thanks for stopping by.

    George (music_man_76)


    Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (Folk/Acoustic) Free:
  • Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead #THEEICERAVE

    13 Jan 2012, 17:04 by glamour4love

    I think its cute that now that wh is dead ppl understand I had more to do with its creation than Robert Disaro, it was always me and CDX (Mater Suspiria Vision, just ask ConorTripler) though seeing im still an unsung hero of this or any other movement I've helped create, Id like to be hailed as the #ICEKING because my music has always been cold, dark and windy rather than the slow and muddled sound that has became loved and revered by the likes of pioneers HTRK and Pictureplane (Slow Head, Nattymari, Party Trash, ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖiŞŢ (R.I.P.)).

    So now that the wicked witch is dead, her soul and spirit ripped out, eaten, and given new meaning by Esben and the Witch, Florence + the Machine and of course every occultist's favourite The Peach Tree ( Daemonization ), I'd like to take a chance to acknowledge some () favourites; Recent heros of music who are legitimate and amazing acts that were mistakenly caught up in the confusion and trapped in the until it's collapse. …
  • Dark Industry Webradio - The 36 degree update!!!

    2 Jul 2009, 13:55 by RoiDanton

  • moonacrobat playlist episode 55 (2009, april 19) and free downloads

    19 Apr 2009, 20:32 by moonacrobat

    Hi friends,

    Here it is... moonacrobat playlist episode 55.

    With some artists I recently discovered like Sierra Alpha, Stone Parade, Machelli, Future Of Forestry, Bertolf, Cindergarden, Robin Tymm, Salvador and Victory Bells.

    Check out for the latest recommended free downloadable songs.

    1.Sierra Alpha | Take It To Dance - 2009 (Wales, United Kingdom | catchy rock)

    2.Guilty About Girls | ANGL - 2009 (Canada | disco rock)
    Free download at

    3.Hinkel | All It Takes - 2005 (Germany | rock pop)

    4.Stone Parade | Somebody Will Miss You - 2008 (Australia | rock)

    5.Machelli | In Your Face - 2008 (United States | alternative)
    Free download at

    6.Leeland | Carried to The Table - 2006 (United States | rock)

    7.Waz | Holding On - 2008 (United States | acoustic rock)

    8.Mission 5 | All The Same Anymore - 2006 (United States | rock)

  • bands 2 check

    4 Apr 2009, 07:35 by bloodlite

  • Show Update 9/25

    25 Sep 2007, 19:58 by TheKnitLA

    Thursday, October 18; Thursday, November 15th; Thursday, December 20th
    Volumen Cero residency
    8:00 PM, $8
    Formed in the late Nineties out of the musical metropolis of Miami , Volumen Cero emerged to spearhead the Latin rock movement in their hometown. Their singular sound - picked up and reinvented from Brit post-punk bands and power-pop rockers - quickly set them apart from their contemporaries and in 2001 they signed with Warner Music Latina. 2002 saw the release of their national debut "Luces." Volumen's anglo-centric resonance and surreal dream-pop aesthetic began to work its way through the airwaves and the album gained national prominence under the momentum of their single, "Hollywood," and its satirical video which starred porn-star Ron Jeremy and a blow-up love doll. Their most recent album, "Estelar," was simultaneously released in the U.S. , Mexico and Puerto Rico on August 24th of 2004.

    Wednesday, October 24th
  • August mix

    13 Sep 2007, 17:40 by goodmanbrown

    I'm trying something new this month, and posting the mix to sendspace in addition to a friends-only server. So, for the next week or two, anyone can download the mix:

    For those of you stumbling on this post: As I listen to music in a calender month, I maintain a playlist of the songs that caught my attention for whatever reason. At the end of the month a assemble a mix CD of the songs, and keep the CD around so that it's harder to forget about good music. If you want, you can download the zip file, normalize the volume levels, and burn the mix to CD for yourself.

    It was an especially good month for music, with a nice balance of new finds, old favorites, and the rediscovery of a couple of tracks I didn't realize were good the first time around.

    A cover version kicks things off, but I've never heard the original, so it hardly counts. Mick Harvey appears here twice, first with this 2005 solo track, and later in a weird…
  • The "awesome" game (stolen/inspired by another journal entry)

    9 May 2007, 21:00 by maplejet

    Pretty much the following

    Put on the "awesome" tag radio, listen to the 15 songs that get scrobbled, and review them.

    Yes, you must listen to them in it's entirety and critique them. Give a rating out of 10.

    2 - Shitty
    3 - Terrible
    4 - This is far from awesome
    5 - Mediocre
    6 - Ok
    7 - Decent
    8 - Great
    9 - Defintely Awesome

    That's right...listen in it's entirety and then jump to conclusions!

    SONG #1 - New Young Pony Club - The Bomb
    Band Tags (use top 7, arrange starting with most popular): electronic, electro, indie, electronica, dance, electropop, new wave, indie pop

    Definitely listenable and cool, but really not my style of music. 7/10

    SONG #2 - Michael Woods - Solex
    Band Tags: trance, electronic, techno, progressive trance, electronica, awesome, dance, vocal

    Better than the last one, not too fond of vocals. 8/110

    SONG #3 - Linkin Park - Papercut