• I’m A Bass Whore

    1 Nov 2009, 21:09 by audiozealot

    I know - I can’t believe I went with that title, either. OK, moving on . . .

    Consider me an avid devotee of bass players everywhere. Where I have discerning tastes in vocalists and lyricists, my slutty ears will open wide for just about any sound emitted by a bass guitar. Even when the playing is not great, I still like it; and when the playing IS great, it is usually the primary reason that I am listening to a band in the first place. I am a sucker for all kinds of bass sounds and playing styles: hollow and jazzy, slap percussive, distorted, deep and low, or high and melodic. I will take them all.

    I love the versatility in bass sound and playing. It is typically thought of as a rhythmic support instrument that bridges percussion with the more melodic guitar and keyboard sounds. In serving this function, it really is responsible for setting the mood of the song, and often in such an understated way, that many listeners may not even realize it’s role in doing such. …
  • My Last.fm anniversary 6/29/2008, Sunday

    29 Jun 2008, 13:40 by Chikyro

    So here I am now like exactly one year ago. Many things have changed in my life, I’ve done many new things, I’ve let go many old things but I’m still alive and there’s still one matter that haven’t changed or gone away or anything... and it’s music. I was into music then and I’m into music now and I will always be.

    It’s been a fantastic year with all of you guys. I’ve got to know many buddies and I’ve got lot of new acquaintances and before all... I’ve had a chance to write in foreign languages, especially in English which is still my fave one. So let’s keep in touch in future, I’d still love to hear what’s up in your lives!

    During the past year I’ve got so addicted to Last.fm that I couldn’t live without it anymore. I guess it’s time to take a look at the changes in my musical taste... here we go:


    Which band was the best catch of the year?
    '*' I could say that it was Muse. I just... I fell in love with them, that’s it. …
  • Muse at Royal Albert Hall (12.04.2008)

    16 Apr 2008, 13:29 by nina712


    Published: 14 Apr 2008


    On form ... Matt Bellamy

    IT’S rare a band will take your breath away, but Muse managed to suck out all the oxygen from the Royal Albert Hall and fill it with wonder.

    The spectacular trio left fans in awe with their incredible and compelling set, reminding people why they are one of the best live bands in Britain.

    The Who legend Roger Daltrey introduced the threesome for their charity gig in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

    They came onstage to rapturous applause in a venue deserving of their stature.

    Immediately everyone who had a seated ticket stood up, with a full-to-the-brim crowd of over 5,000 standing for the duration of the gig in their honour.

    Frontman Matthew Bellamy burst into life with opening track Take a Bow, belting out hits as though his life depended on it.

  • Muse - Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney - 17th November 2007

    29 Jan 2008, 13:21 by whereswaller

    Revisiting for the second time in less than a year, Muse invaded Australia last November once again pledging to shatter all expectations, with an expanded light and stage show reminiscent of their monumental Wembley Stadium performances. Indicative of the band’s recent surge in popularity, the significantly large Sydney Entertainment Centre was sold-out in minutes. Muse would inevitably fail to recapture the scale and magnitude of their two-night Wembley jaunt but were quickly forgiven by the 12,000 strong in attendance. One and three-quarter hours after they began, the Brits disappeared to howls of satisfaction and a crowd hankering for more.

    Dedicated fans began gathering outside the venue from early afternoon. In spite of this, the arena was not even half filled by the time, support act, The Checks launched into their first ballad. Borrowing heavily from classical rock riffs, such as Daddy Cool’s Eagle Rock, and with vocals not dissimilar to those found in garage rock, comparisons were made with…
  • Recensione su "Black Holes and Revelations"

    21 Jun 2007, 10:20 by linkinmuse

    Ciao a tutti!
    Dunque... avevo scritto qst recensione verso la fine di Gennaio e ho deciso d postarla qui xkè magari a qualcuno piacerà o magari potrebbe essere utile a ki si vuole avvicinare all'ascolto dei Muse e vuole 1 pò conoscere il genere... cmq sia, buona lettura!
    I Muse ritornano:

    Black Holes and Revelations

    “Buchi neri e rivelazioni”, sarebbe questa la traduzione italiana del titolo del nuovo album dei Muse, che ancora una volta affascinano i loro fans, dando, a questa loro ultima produzione musicale, un genere diverso da quello a cui ormai siamo abituati a sentirli esibire. La band britannica - composta da Matthew Bellamy (voce, chitarra elettrica e tastiere), Dominic Howard (batteria) e Chris Wolstenholme (basso) - ha infatti deciso di volersi avvicinare a uno stile un po’ più pop rispetto a quello che caratterizza i loro precedenti album, molto più melodici, e per questo il loro nuovo album è stato definito da molti come una “sperimentazione” mentre da altri come…
  • Muse - Hordern Pavillion, Sydney - 23rd & 24th January 2007

    27 Jan 2007, 12:58 by whereswaller

    Muse have returned, at long last, to Australian shores bringing with them an arsenal of sound to appease an ever-growing mass of fans. This was no more evident than on the 23rd and 24th of January at a sold-out Hordern Pavillion where, supported by Ground Components, Muse exploded into a vibrant spectacle of colour and sound never before seen by most in attendance. It is not difficult to see why Muse have established themselves as one of the World's premier mainstream live acts. Dazzling arrays of light, mouth-wateringly faithful music and charisma oozing from every orifice permeate their act from start to finish. Two emotionally exhausting, bleary eyed, expectation shattering sets later the only disappointment was that the show could not continue.

    The words of a Muse fanboy? I'd be lying if I said they weren't. Despite that, I have been highly critical of the band's departure from their traditional sound on Black Holes and Revelations. …