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Most will probably still know me as the ex guitarist / songwriter from Indie stars, Art Brut. I left them sometime ago now for personal reasons, there were things I needed to sort out in my life. It was a hard decision, something I'm still unsure whether was a good idea or not. The things I had to do took longer than expected, but it worked, I am now a better person. Since leaving I've been busying away producing a wealth of material which I have toured around the world solo and with my band Macaca Mulatta, it has been a struggle, starting everything again with little or no support but it all seems to slowly be leading somewhere.

Musically I am now at a very productive stage, I’m passionate about music again, enjoying playing for the love of it, and I’ve also rediscovered an interest in the world around me, the environment and social change. I’m trying to combine these passions into something that contains a serious thread but equally is accessible and enjoyable for those who just want to listen to good music. The songs are slowly taking shape, the majority of my material currently on record comes from my soul-searching period, rallying calls to being yourself and not just doing what the world tells you.

My solo shows are quieter and more intimate affairs, with a few more romantic and soul searching songs thrown in for good measure, but don’t expect a whiny singer sat on a stool with an acoustic guitar, there’s still a lot of aggression and passion. Shows with the band are fast, frantic and noisy, crowds move and dance, sweat drips off the walls and people get involved.

After a successful tour in Australia I am now living in Melbourne but who knows for how long, there's a lot more places in the world to take my music to.

I'm always looking for gigs, anywhere in the world, contact me if you're interested in booking my band or me.

Visit www.chinchilla-music.co.uk/music.php for nearly 20 tracks for free download.


Apart from performing music I’m passionate about telling the world about the music that excites me, I am a freelance contributor to many publications and also perform the following roles :

Correspondent for www.indieoma.com
Australia Correspondent for www.musictowers.com
Correspondent for InPress (www.inpress.com.au)

I post all of my smaller articles on my Blog, but visit www.chinchilla-music.co.uk/reviews.php for an archive of most of my work.

I also run my sporadic Podcast, Below The Surface that receives 5,000 downloads per episode - www.belowthesurface.info

I used to DJ in NME featured La Familia Estafez, and am now looking to start DJ'ing again, so book me! - www.chinchilla-music.co.uk/djing.php

msn : chris@chinchilla-music.co.uk
iChat / AIM : chrisward1@mac.com
Myspace : www.myspace.com/chrischinchilla
Livejournal : www.livejournal.com/chrischinchilla
LastFM : www.last.fm/user/ChrisChinchilla
YouTube : www.youtube.com/user/ChrisChinchillaUK
iLike : www.ilike.com/user/chrischinchilla
Garageband : www.garageband.com/artist/chrischinchilla

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