• Pointy and weighty

    24 May 2010, 12:27 by twIXta

    Sat 22 May – Secret Chiefs 3

    The first band tonight was a solo project by Ches Smith called Congo For Brums. Quite experimental interplay between seemingly random electronic sounds and live drums, and although I felt it was interesting it went on just a bit too long. I heard a similar complaint about the following band called FAT32. Reportedly a Lightning Bolt-like band but with keyboards and drums. I figured to check them out in Danmark when I don't have duties in the dj-booth, so no comment from me here. Then the Secret Chiefs 3. They seem to be on a pink cloud from the tour in Central Europe, Turkey and Israel. In spite of the hassle of broken buses and all kinds of problems but with heart warming solutions from the locals in these areas where not many bands like tour, from what Trey and Timb told me the whole experience has been super awesome. And that positive energy sure came blasting from the stage, definitely some of the tightest renditions of all the familiar tunes, especially compared to the previous show @ Worm…